Free title Checker for Hacker News to see if your Story title will get Upvotes

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HN Titlenator is a free title checker for Hacker News to see if your story title will get upvotes. Here this is a very simple tool to analyze if you next post will get upvotes. It uses a trained neural network to predict a score that you can use to analyze the final result. Basically, the NN used here is trained on titles and details of older HN stories and in the future there will be more data and then tool will work more precisely. Here you just have enter the title you want to use in your post and it will reveal the result quickly.

There are some factors that affects the popularity of submission on platforms like Reddit, Quora, and Hacker News. parameters like time and day of the week are key points for the popularity of a post. So, it is wise to test the content before you post. And the tool here HN Titlenator does that. However, one thing you should note here is that it only predicts the success of tile based on trained neural network. Thus, the credibility of this tool is still questionable and results that it produces can be undertaken as an option to get an overview. This is just a piece of programming and cab be wrong but when more HN posts are analyzes by the NN then we will see how far it goes.

HN Titlenator graph

How to See if your Story title will get Upvotes using this Free title Checker?

Using this simple tool to analyze a story title is very simple. You just access this tool from here and will reach the man interface. On the main UI, there is a single text box where you have to input your title and see results. It is simple as that. On the other side, if you want to run it locally then you can do that as this is open source and its GitHub repository is here.

HN Titlenator interface

Now, you just enter the title and hit enter. it will immediately show you the score. The max score can be 1 and based on your input, you can see what it calculates for your title. With the numbers, you can analyze if the title will result in having a story will more upvotes or not.

HN Titlenator in action

This way, you can use this simple only tool to text title for your next HN story. As I have already mentioned before that don’t take the results it produces as absolute as it is just a simple neural network now. But in later updates where more data will be used for the training of the model then we can rely on it. You can keep track of its GitHub page to get updated about the new changes and features.

Final thoughts

Doing a little research before posting anything on social media is very good. And if you are a regular HN user and frequently post stuff there then you will like the tool I have mentioned here. You just give it a try next time you want to post something on Hacker News. Also, if you are programmer then you can take part in its development and help it to become more powerful.

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