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Kidy is a safe search engine for kids. The search engine is specifically aimed at kids and shows results intelligently. The search engine focuses on what kids like and then shows the results accordingly. The results show pages which are kid friendly and help them learn, think or play. This search engine blocks adult content and keywords, showing only relevant pages which have some sort of education for kids.

Internet has become a dangerous place for kids. Kids can be exposed to images which they should not be seeing or data they should not be reading. But kids also need the internet now days to research for their school projects, homework, etc. So as necessary as the computer is now days, it is also equally important for us to protect our kids from explicit content floating online. This is where this search engine can come in very handy.

The home page of the search engine can be seen in the screenshot above. The search engine interface looks quite kid friendly and the name resonates the same thing. Now kids can go ahead and put in their query in the search box given. The search engine intelligently searches the web and picks out kid related webpages for you. The results for my query can be seen in the screenshot below.

The results are shown under two tabs, web and pictures. In the web section all the website links can be seen related to your search query. All the website which show up are kid friendly and do not have any malicious content. Mostly websites to show up are kids websites like PBS Kids, National Geographic Kids, etc. The pictures section also has nice pictures and no violent stuff.

Kids can use these search results to watch videos about their search query, or play a game or a quiz. All the search results are either educational or fun.

Features which make Kidy safe:

  • Malicious and explicit content is blocked.
  • Search results are shown from hand picked kid friendly websites.
  • Google safe search technology adds an additional layer of filtering of content.
  • The search engine auto improves itself with each search through artificial intelligence.
  • Simple interface.


Kidy is a good search engine to be used by kids searching the web for various things. You can not stop kids from being on the internet as it is a necessary thing to know now days. But what you can do is educated kids. This way they can stay away from bad content and also find what they are looking for. Kidy search engine shows kid related content clocking adult content. The results are based on hand picked websites which have been specifically made for kids. So you as parents can be assured that the content being shown to the kids is educational and fun at the same time. Try this search engine out.

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