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divShare is a free online cloud storage website. You can store almost any file including: documents, photos, music, videos, zips etc. in this free cloud storage. With a free account you get 5 GB free space. And you can download files of up to 50 GB free.

This is a handy online cloud storage to keep backup of important files and documents in the cloud, protected with password, that only you know. Not only can you save files in the cloud, but you can also perform file managing options like: creating new folder, moving files between folder, deleting, sorting, or searching files. You can also  directly email the files from within the website itself, and generate a code for the file to be embedded in web pages. And finally, you can generate a download and embed link for every single file uploaded in the cloud.

divShare - dashboard

divShare is a good website, to upload and host files online. You can also create and manage an address book that consists of the email ids with whom you regularly exchange files.

Keep cloud backup and share files using this online cloud storage website:

divShare is decent enough cloud storage service. Creating a free account is easy takes just a few seconds. Though it’s limited in terms of storage space and total downloads, as compared to other cloud storage websites, like: Dropbox, Google Drive etc, still it is a useful alternative that can be tried.

divShare - sign up

Once you are through creating an account, you can start uploading files. The website lets you upload multiple files together. But at a time, you can only upload files up to a max. size of 20 MB.

Uploading files is a very easy process. Simply click on Upload a new file button in the Dashboard page. You can add tags to files while uploading. You can also password protect the folders. To get these options, click on Additional Settings button, when you are uploading files in the file uploading page.

divShare - uploading files with additional settings

The website automatically recognizes the file types and properly groups them under 5 toggles: All files, Images, Videos, Audios, and Documents.

With every file, you’ll get few more options: Edit, Tag, Embed, Privacy, and Share. The edit option comes with the folder which you password protected. Embed comes with music files; clicking on it opens a new page showing song’s preview player, multiple preview skins, and embed code. Using this feature you can host a song in the cloud. Clicking on privacy button gives you options to change the sharing options of file, and clicking on Share button gives you embed code and divShare URL to the file.

divShare - file share

This cloud storage website also lets you create an address book of email contacts. Simply click on Address Book button present on top right corner of page, and then import the emails addresses from your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN accounts.

divShare - address book

Key features of this cloud storage website:

  • Free sign-up gives you 5 GB storage space and 50 GB download limit.
  • Good free cloud storage website.
  • Upload documents, photo, video, audio, and zip files.
  • Batch upload feature (only 20 MB at a time).
  • Import Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN contacts.
  • Good tools to manage and share file and folders.
  • Convert uploaded images, and videos into flash to view them on the web.
  • Files stays on cloud as long as they are viewed at least once in every 30 days.

Here are some good cloud storages: SurDoc, SeaCloud, and cCloud.


divShare is a good free cloud storage website. Though it was bit slow as compared to other cloud storages, and also ability to upload only 20 MB at a time is bit dull. Besides these, the website is a good place to store your docs safely and securely.

Try divShare here.

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