B^EDIT- Create and Edit images like a pro with AI

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B^ EDIT is a free tool that helps you generate AI images and edit them as per your choice.

As we all know, with the rise of AI, almost everything can be digitally created nowadays. Texts, Videos and even pictures. Although there are tons of options online using which you can create AI generated images, here is one that even allows you to edit them. Yes B^ EDIT allows you to perform a few basic editing in your AI generated images and save them. The best part about this web application is that unlike many other AI applications, this one is completely free to use.

To use it you just need to:

You just need to sign up with your google account.

  • Select the style of the image you want to generate

  • Type the name and description of whatever you want to generate.

Your AI image will be generated. Now you can use the editing tools and give it some basic changes as you like.

It is a really easy and fun to use application. You can give anything in the search box and give the description and the AI will generate it within seconds.

It is totally free and can be easily accessible on both mobile phones and your PCs.

Are there any limitations?

Well, although this web application is in its beta version, I couldn’t find any limitations that can be a problem while using it. It is just the eraser tool and brush tool that cause a little problem sometimes. And yes, as the images are AI generated, it will not always generate them matching totally with your choice.


To summarize, I would say B^ EDIT is a great AI application for generating images. You just simply have to select the style and enter the description of what you want to generate. The image will be generated. You can make your basic changes as per your choice. The images can be used anywhere as they are copyright free and their quality is also really good. It is totally free and can be used on any device.

In my personal opinion, this can be a really useful web application for you. Most of us nowadays want to use images for different fields but spending time on editing software and learning it just for a little task isn’t easy. So why not give this job to AI? I think the updated versions of this web application will have much better editing options.

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