ATTIKIS: Free Home Security System Monitoring Service

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Update 2022: Attikis no longer exist. Please move on to some other alternative.

Attikis is a free Home alarm Security monitoring system. In fact, Attikis is a free alarm monitoring system that enables the user to have an eye on the house. Alarm systems are installed in homes to alert the residents about any security troubles. It is quite cheap to install such home alarm systems, but monitoring them is quite an expensive process. Most of the alarm monitoring companies charge a monthly fee. The fee is most of the time fixed even if there is no alarm raised.

Attikis solves this issue. It provides completely free home alarm system monitoring, and will send you free email alerts whenever your alarm goes off. It can also send you alerts via call and SMS, and charges a per use fee for that, instead of a fixed monthly fee. So, if your alarm goes off just 4 times in a year, you will have to pay for call alerts for just those 4 instances; and email alerts are completely free.

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Normally commercial solutions for this purpose cost as much as 300-400 $ which is huge. Attikis is a free solution, available for this purpose and in fact it is the Cheapest alarm monitoring system that is available.


With Attikis, the user is alerted about any intrusions, and security breaches with the help of SMS notifications, E-mails  and even via phone. This helps the user to take notice of such security breaks and act accordingly in time. All that the user needs to do is to configure the Attikis monitoring system to synchronize with the Home security alarm system. Attikis, conveniently, provides free alarm monitoring service continuously. The user just has to pay for the call or the SMS service which is usually very low.

The advantages of using Attikis alarm monitoring system are:

  • Entirely free ongoing monitoring service, that usually cost hundreds of dollars when commercial systems are used. Pay only if you use phone and SMS alerts.
  • Innovative ways to alert the user. The user receives notification on Phone, email and via SMS  once these are synchronized with the system. Hence the user can be reached almost anytime, anywhere.
  • Simple to use service, even for naive users.
  • Attikis system can be synchronized with any existing alarm system. This does not require any additional hardware or any change in the existing alarm system.
  • The user can set advanced rules to raise alerts. The telephone number, alarm type and the family member to be contacted can be set while synchronizing.
  • The web and mobile apps can enable the user to check his home from anywhere in the world.

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Steps to start using Attikis free home alarm system monitoring:

  • Register yourself at This process requires no payments and is completely free.
  • Define simple rules to respond to alarms. The user is notified based on these rules. The user has to prepay a nominal amount for receiving Call and SMS credits, using which the calls and SMS notifications will be made.
  • Connect your alarm system with the Attikis service for seamless monitoring.

Attikis is a simple, cheap solution to monitor your home alarm system, no matter where you are.

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