WiFi2HiFi: Stream Music from PC to iPhone

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WiFi2HiFi is a free application to stream music from PC to iPhone or iPod Touch. You can install this app on on your iPhone which allows it to become a wireless receiver for your music. When you use the application you can listen to the music coming from your laptop through you phone. You can also plug the iPhone or your iPod directly into your stereo system to listen to the music and enjoy exceptional quality sound. This application works with both Windows, as well as Mac.

Update (8th April, 2011): Only the program that is installed on PC/Mac is free. The iPhone / iPod Touch app itself is paid at $3.99.

CDs are still being bought, but not as much as they were before the iTunes revolution. Most people are into downloaded entire albums instead of buying them. The majority of artists support iTunes because it cuts down on the illegal downloads of music that people pirate from them. This is good because it makes it necessary for applications like this one to be invented.

WiFi2Hifi has an easy to use setup. You install one application on your PC, and another on your iPhone or iPod Touch. After that, both are wirelessly connected. Then you can stream any music from your PC to iPhone or iPod Touch.


How to Use WiFi2HiFi:

To use the application you just need to download it for your iPhone and install it. You then will able to download it to the computer. When I say for your computer I mean that you can choose between Mac OS or Windows 7/Vista. You just need to make sure that the network you use for you iPhone is the same that you use for your computer. You will need to make sure that your firewall will allow you to download the program to your computer. You can select the application on your iPhone to open it. Now you will see the download on your computer with a button that says connect. Click this button and then select a song from your playlist. You will soon see the song on your iPhone, and that is it!

WiFi2HiFi iPhone

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Features of WiFi2HiFi:

  • Use Your Preferred Playlist: You can use your preferred music playlist on your computer. The application works with Macs and PCs meaning that it is compatible with lots of different software that you can download to your computer. When listening to your music you want it to sound as good as it can, with this application you can achieve this.
  • Use with iPhone or iPod: You can use the application with both an iPod and an iPhone. If you have either or both you will be set. Just remember to make sure the internet connection in your device is the same as your computer. The download works the same way for both devices.
  • iHome: Once you plug your device into the iHome you will have a great speaker system that you can control the volume of. This is all thanks to one small little application that turned you phone into a great system.
  • Music for Parties: You can have a party at your home and use this application to make sure that you are able to hear the music. Because you can now turn the iHome all the way up and hear the music coming from the computer, then you are all set!

Download WiFi2HiFi and start using your iPhone as a wireless music receiver.

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Works With: Windows 7, Vista and XP and Mac OS X
Free/Paid: Free

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