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Spottlife is a Free App that is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. It has been developed by Gamai LLC. The Spottlife is an app that brings the newsfeed of all your social networking sites under one roof. This app is barely 3.5 MB, and is high on performance. The app has a simple layout, the mechanics are pretty straightforward. The color schemes used are decent, and the idea behind Spottlife is worth an applause. In today’s world of social networking, it is a pain to juggle between Twitter, Facebook, Google+, instagram etc.

This app aims at combining the newsfeed of all of them in one screen. This bold attempt is done with the help of set “keywords”, that are used to sort the newsfeed. Spottlife, carefully scrutinizes the posts and categorizes based on the words used. Example: If a friend writes “Man of Steel an Awesome Movie”, the app will automatically categorize the newsfeed under the column of Movies. Setting up of this app is pretty easy, however, the initial categorization takes a lot of time. Though, the app markets on a great idea and innovation but it is dotted with cracks. The posting of statuses etc takes a lot of time, but as for me it was stuck on the Posting screen. Not only that, the newsfeed took a lot of time to get organized and even that was not flawless.


How to Use Spottlife:

  • The app once downloaded for Free, requires a registration.
  • Once the registration is done, you can setup your accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram on this app.
  • After this step, the app itself organizes the newsfeed.
  • And Voila ! You are enjoying the app.
  • Also, you can post photos, statuses to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram.


What I liked:

  • Decent Looking
  • Simple interface
  • Extensive tutorial
  • Ease of categorization
  • Low on size

What I didn’t like:

  • Categorization of newsfeed was not flawless
  • Screen stuck on Posting
  • Takes a lot of time to setup the newsfeed



The Spottlife, is a decent looking app that attracts you with its idea and the ease of categorization of social network newsfeed. However, the app needs a lot of refinement and better user-interface, sorting of the error when posting statuses et al. This app certainly fails to impress the users looking for an experience. I am sure, after being exasperated at this app you will resort back to your previous apps. This app failed to impress me and couldn’t set its name in the list of must have apps.

I rate Spottlife app a 1 on 5.

Editor Ratings:
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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
Free/Paid: Free

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