5 Free Spot The Difference Games For iPhone

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Today, I am going to tell you about 5 free spot the difference games for iPhone which can prove to be a real stress buster and entertaining as well. You need to find the difference from the two similar looking pictures in a given amount of time.

Spot the difference games are one of the oldest games existing out there. Despite being so old, they still hold their own special spot in the gaming world. Earlier, spot the different games were only used to appear in newspapers, magazines, books, etc. but now with changing technology, these games have also made their way to current smartphones too. Now, you can play these games from anywhere at anytime even with your friends. In this post, you will read about these spot the difference games for iPhone which will surely keep you entertained and begging for more.

1. What’s the Difference?:

What’s the Difference?

The first spot the difference game for iPhone is What’s the Difference?. This game consists of various levels divided into set of 5 like level 1-5, 6-10, etc. In each set, next level gets unlocked on the successful completion of previous level. The interesting part of the game is that if you fail to complete the last level of any set, then you will get back to first level of that set. For example, you are playing the set of level 1-5. Then each next level will unlock after completion of previous level but if you fail to complete the 5th level then you will go back to level 1.

In each level, you are required to spot the 5- 6 differences before the timer starting from 1000 gets over. The speed of timer goes on increasing with each wrong difference spotted while for ever correctly spotted difference, additional time gets added to the timer. The game also has following lifelines to help you clear the level: More Time, Reveal One, Zap Time, and Skip Level. The only minor flaw in the game is that you can’t play the levels cleared by you again.

Get What’s the Difference? here.

2. Spot the Difference With Friends! 2 Pics:

Spot the Difference With Friends! 2 Pics

The Spot the Difference With Friends! 2 Pics is also an interesting game for iPhone. The concept of the game is same but you have only 6 stars (lives) to play the levels. For each level that you play, you will lose 1 star but you can continue to play the game as long as you are spotting all the differences correctly. The game offers you extra stars after every 8 minutes. To clear the levels, you are required to spot 6 differences within 75 seconds. One weird thing about the game is that suppose you cleared level 1 with 40 seconds remaining, then you will get only those 40 seconds to clear the level 2 instead of full 75 seconds.

Get Spot the Difference With Friends! 2 Pics here.

3. Just Find it Lite:

Just Find it Lite

The third spot the difference game in the list is Just Find it Lite. This game consists of 3 levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The game consists of various levels with each level consisting of 2 time booster and 2 hints. The time boosters help you in increasing the time required to find the difference. The time left is displayed in the form of a yellow colored bar which goes on to decrease. You can’t afford to tap on the screen randomly as the time decreases more quickly with each wrong difference spotted. The game also maintains a separate leaderboard for Easy, Medium, and Hard level.

Get Just Find it Lite here.

4. Let’s Find It!:

Let's Find It!

The second last app in the list is Let’s Find It!. The game has 5 modes for you to play: Classic, Versus, Challenge, Expert, and Endless. The Classic mode is the traditional mode while in Versus mode you are awarded with 2 points for correct spotting and –1 points for wrong difference spotting. The Versus time mode has no time limit so you can take any amount of time to spot the differences. At the end of the game, you can check your score for both wrong and correctly spotted difference. Similarly all the other modes are also interesting in their own way which will give you an unique experience each time you play.

Get Let’s Find It! here.

5. Safari Spot the Difference:

Safari Spot the Difference

The last game for you in this list is Safari Spot the Difference. In this game, you have to spot the difference after looking at the pictures of safari animals. The app has high quality images of various safari animals which can also help you and your kids to learn about them. It is a simple game with no time limit and no limit for wrong attempts. The game simply calculates the time taken to spot the differences. So, you can enjoy the game by checking that who spots the maximum differences in minimum amount of time.

Get Safari Spot the Difference here.

These were the 5 free spot the difference games for iPhone which will keep you hooked for long. You can enjoy these games when you are alone or with your friends, colleagues, or anyone else. Do play these games and share the name of the game which entertained you the most.

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