iPhone Social App To Send Messages and Photos As Teaser

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Teezr is a free iPhone social app to send messages and photos as a teaser. Basically, the app lets you send photos and messages as blurred photos. You can choose to blur any part of your photo (along with adding text) or message to make it a teaser and tease your friends. While sending photos or message, the app lets you set two time interval. The first time interval is the time for being the photo or message will appear as blurred while the second time interval is the one after which they will be self-destructed. You can add other users as your friends and you can also become their fan. Similarly, others users can add you as a friend or become your fan.

All the photos sent via Teezr are self-destructed within 24 hrs of sending time. You can set this self-destruction time as per your preference. You can also send photos and messages without blurring them.

Receiver Viewing Teaser

Using This iPhone Social App to Send Photos As Teaser:

You need to have a registered account with this iPhone social app to use it. Once you have successfully registered with this iPhone app, you will see the home screen of the app. It has 5 options at bottom: Home, Chat, Camera, Friends, and Fans.

Teezr Homepage

For sending photos as a teaser, tap on Camera option to open your iPhone’s camera and click a photo. On clicking photo, you will see the editing area, using which you can make the photo a teaser. You can see that there are 5 options at bottom of this interface: Color, Undo, Send Teaser, Blur, and Blur Time.

Photo Editing Area

  • Color: Choose color to draw on the photo.
  • Undo: Undo any of the steps performed by you.
  • Send Teaser: This option is for sending a teaser to your friends when you finish editing photo.
  • Blur: This option is for making any part of photo blur to make it a teaser. On tapping this option, you will see three blur shapes: Circle, Rectangle, Square. Choose the shape and resize it as per your preference. You can move the shape anywhere on the photo.
  • Blur Time: This is the time interval after which the original photo will be shown to the receiver and blurred area will also become visible.

If you want to add text to the photo, then you can do so by double tapping anywhere on the screen. After making all changes, tap on Send Teaser option to choose friends with whom you want to share. You can see that there is also a timer at bottom. Tap on it to set the time after which photo will be self-destructed from receiver’s end.

Select Friend to Send Teaser

When the receiver will receive the teaser, then he will first see the photo as blurred, till the point blur time is reached. After blur time is reached, the whole photo will be visible to him, till the self-destruction time is over. On reaching the self-destruction time, the photo will be deleted from his end.

Receiver Viewing Teaser

Using This iPhone Social App to Send Messages As Teaser:

To send messages as teaser, tap on Chat option from app’s home screen. You will see the chat interface and from here, you have to tap on Compose icon at top right corner. Select friend with whom you want to have a chat. It will open the text editing area for you.

Send Text as Teaser

You can type anything you want to send to the receiver. You can see that there is a Brush like icon at top right corner. Tap on it to select it and then tap on words of text message which you want to make blur for making it a teaser.

After making it teaser, tap on timer at bottom of text editing interface and set self-destruction timer. Tap on Send to send your message as teaser. The receiver will receive the blurred part of the message as blank, but it will be visible to him some time later and after the self-destruction time, it will be deleted.

Sent Teaser Message

Other Options of this iPhone Social App:

The other option of this iPhone social app includes that you can become a friend with other users or become their fan. To do so, open profile of the user by tapping on his name. Here, you will see the option: Become Fan and Add Friend. Choose the option as per your choice.

Add As Friend or Fan

The difference between the two is that Friends can send teasers to each other, but a Fan can only receive teasers.

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Final Verdict:

Teezr is a cool iPhone social app to send photos and messages as teaser. I really liked the concept of the app as it is quite interesting. Its always fun to tease your friends and close ones. Do give this app a try.

Get Teezr here.

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