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Mathblend is an education oriented Windows software intended to support students with their Mathematics problems and solutions. It is a single stop shop for them for finding any topic or related information pertaining to Mathematics. We can also term it as the Mathematics search Engine. It incorporates videos (including IB: International Baccalaureate videos) and information about any topic relating to Maths which student can download and share. MathBlend can compliment the teachers effort by widening the thinking horizon for students interested in particular topic(s) and thereby assist them in creating a more student friendly education environment for Mathematics.


You can download and install this simple application from their website here.

Basic requirements for installing MathBlend are:

  • .Net framework 4.0 or above
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Adobe PDF Reader

After installation, the main window pops up like this:



Various components of MathBlend are:Mathblend_2.png

  • Topic Search: Right at the top is the search bar to search for any Math related topic. Here you can search for Video or Info or IB Videos. Preferences can be selected from right side of the search bar. The Search icon when clicked, shows a drop down menu with the list of topics available for search. You can select from the listed topics too as seen in the pic below.
  • Extras for nerds: This panel gives quick access to variety of tools regularly used in Mathematics. These are:
    1. Haese and Harris textbook
    2. Haese and Harris textbook solved problems
    3. IB Math HL and SL chapterwise problems
    4. Trigonometric laws and identities
    5. Basic trigonometry poster
    6. IB Math Chatroom
    7. Exploration ideas
    8. Graph a function



Working on Mathblend is simple yet very interactive, thanks to its minimal user friendly Interface.

For searching for any topic, just type in the search bar and select your choice of Video, Info or IB Videos and it shows the relevant search results. Alternatively, you may just select your topic from the drop down menu and start browsing through videos or information.

For the studious students, there is a quick way to navigate to various other functions as mentioned above under “Extras for the nerds”.

  • You can try the textbook or textbook solved problems by Haese and Harris
  • Next is the IB chapterwise problems which will help you get what people across the world are reading and solving. It’ll take you to a pdf textbook pertaining to IB platform
  • Trigonometric laws & identities and Basic trigonometry poster will give you a quick, compact view of all the related equations and formulas. Handy for speedy access
  • Chatroom is a nice way to interact with other students across the world and discuss problems and solutions. It’ll give you an option to choose your name, a color code for yourself, Text and Image preferences too.


  • Exploration ideas opens tabs in the default browser pointing to various webpages to give you ideas to explore more about Math
  • Sketching a graph can be done using Graph a function button. Simply put in the function formula and it’ll generate the graph for it. You can also take a snapshot of the generated graph.

While MathBlend is an effort to converge various informative places/websites associated with Mathematics, it is also helping students to explore those topics through a single platform. Quick, easy interface helps you to navigate to your topic of choice with all kinds of information and videos available at your fingertip. Some standard and frequently searched topics have already been listed in the drop down menu and also in the nerds section which removes the hassle to scratch your head to remember them every time.

So go ahead and explore the new horizons of Mathematics and reach out to people of similar interest through Mathblend!

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