Chrome CAPTCHA Solver with Speech Recognition for Audio Challenges

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Here is a free Chrome CAPTCHA solver extension that comes with speech recognition for audio challenges. You must have faced those reCAPTCHA audio challenges as well as image CAPTCHAs prompting you to select traffic lights, cross walk, store front, etc. This extension can come in handy to solve those CAPTCHAs for you. The name of this extension is “Buster“.

The extension is mainly helpful for reCAPTCHA challenges only. It won’t work for other CAPTCHAs like “I’m not a robot” CAPTCHA where a tick mark is needed. The extension gives good results. Still, it is not foolproof and you may face error sometimes while trying to solve the CAPTCHA by this extension. For me, it worked many times and therefore I can say the extension is a good option to try.

click extension icon to solve captcha

In the screenshot above, you can see that icon of this extension is visible on CAPTCHA pop-up. You need to use that icon to automatically solve the CAPTCHA.

How to Use This Free Chrome CAPTCHA Solver Extension?

The extension is very simple. It doesn’t require any sign up or other set up. Just access some website that brings reCAPTCHA while downloading a file or during sign up.

When the CAPTCHA window or pop-up is opened, you will notice that there is an icon of this extension, just like visible in above screenshot. Press that icon and it will solve the CAPTCHA. The next step will show audio pop-up. Though there will be a play button but you don’t need to do anything. It will automatically do its job and solve the captcha.

audio captcha is solved automatically

That’s it. In a similar way, it will help you to automatically solve reCAPTCHA challenges. You can also access options page of this extension to change speech to text API.

change speech service

By default, Wit Speech API is selected, but you can change it to Microsoft Azure Speech to Text, Google Cloud Speech, or other available API.

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The Conclusion:

I am impressed with this Chrome CAPTCHA solver extension. While manually solving a CAPTCHA is easy but it is irritating sometimes (especially when you have to do it 2-3 times and still the captcha is not solved). This extension skips all the hassle and manual work. Just a click will help you solve the reCAPTCHA challenges.

Get this extension.

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