Raise and Fight with Zombie Army: Right Click to Necromance

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Right Click to Necromance is an awesome strategy based game where you have to raise an army of dead soldiers with a right-click. You play as a necromancer who sends his minion zombie soldiers to war. After killing the living enemies, you can raise the dead enemies as your own.

You have to keep killing enemies and raise them to build a big army. As you game progresses, you start to get more difficult enemies. Make sure you don’t rush into battle and make battle plans. This game has no extra game mechanics like most real time strategy games have like resources, formations, structures, etc. All you depend on is your mouse, your brain, and a good mousepad.

 Right Click to Necromance

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How to Play Right Click to Necromance

You’ll open the game to find no menu. Right-click to start the game. The game is pretty simple and very much engaging. You’ll be given a small army of 5 zombie soldiers in a field full of enemy soldier who travel banded. Your army will be colored gray. To move your army, left-click on the screen and drag the pointer towards the direction where you want your army to move.

The movement of your army is based on the nearest zombie soldiers to your cursor. Think of your army as a squishy membrane. The part of the army where you pull from will travel first, followed by the rest.

 Right Click to Necromance

To kill an army, drag your zombie army towards the target army and both will start battling instantaneously. Using this type of movement you can easily wrap up your minion zombie soldiers around the enemy and hence deal maximum damage.

When you have killed a small contingent, as the title of this game suggests, right-click to necromance the dead soldiers. So the flow is simple: Kill, raise, repeat.

 Right Click to Necromance

This game has 6 types of enemies/zombie minions that you can play with:

  • First, there are Regular Soldiers. You will get regular soldiers in the beginning
  • The next are Knights, which a bit bigger and wear a horned helmet
  • Next are Generals, the wear a full helmet and are bigger than knights and normal soldiers
  • A hooded Death can also be raised. Death is a ranged unit and it shoots green plasma balls at your enemy. Make sure you keep death in the middle. It’s funny how you can kill Death and raise it as a zombie
  • Golems are slow attackers but give deadly blasts that push enemies back or kill them instantaneously
  • A Giant Golem will be visible when you first open the game. It would be a terrible folly to engage it when you have a weak army. Giant Golems can reduce a normal powered army to smithereens.

How to Raise a Big Army in Right Click to Necromance

To play this game like a pro, I think you need to pay attention to a few things what I am about to tell you:

  • Never mess with bigger armies than yours. Don’t get greedy because trying to take down a bigger army can cost you your whole army, resulting in the game poking fun at you.

 Right Click to Necromance

  • Make sure to check out all four directions when you attack an enemy contingent. If you don’t, you might get surrounded by other platoons that you couldn’t see and they’ll make a kebab out of your army
  • Make sure to wrap your army around the enemy contingent. This will take them down easily.
  • Do not engage with the Giant Golem if you have a small population of Deaths.
  • I have a feeling that the Death is vulnerable to the Golems. So make sure you wrap the Golems with Knights, Senior Knights to keep Death away from the Golems
  • When you go after the Giant Golem, make sure you have a large number of Deaths in the middle and Generals on the front. You’ll take Giant Golem down easily

Final Words

I cannot even begin to describe this game because it is too engaging and I am still playing it instead of writing this review. The only disappointment with this game is that there are no score trackers and no extensive type of units. Also it gets a bit boring after some time when you don’t find a big challenge. Though it has a small number of things that get your hopes down, I award this awesome game with 5 stars.

Get Right Click to Necromance here.

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Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 21 Average: 3.4]
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