Free Unit Conversion Software For Windows: InchPro Decimal

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InchPro Decimal is a free unit conversion software for Windows to convert measurement units from one system to another. It supports international system, USA, metric, international nautical, and astronomical system to convert units into one another. It is quite a simple software to convert units.

This free unit converter is available for both Windows as well as Ubuntu.

Free unit conversion software for windows: InchPro

You can also check out these unit converter extensions for Chrome to convert measurement units on Chrome. You can use InchPro Decimal to convert only measurement units but if you are looking for a free currency converter then I will recommend you to check out these 4 free currency software for Windows 10.

How to use this free unit conversion software to convert measurement units interchangeably:

Getting started with InchPro Decimal is quite easy; install it from the link provided at the end of this article. It comes with a straightforward interface to convert units and is free from cluttered menus. Now you can simply start conversion by first selecting a unit (of a particular system) and the unit in which you want to convert from the drop-down menus, as shown in the screenshot included below. free unit conversion software: InchPro Decimal

Now specify a value of the source unit in left textbox and then click on Convert Units! button. It will then display the results in the converted unit textbox. It would have been better if it provided a button to interchange units, as in its web version.

It doesn’t automatically convert units, you have to press convert button to get the results.

It supports following unit systems and units to convert them one into another:

  • International System: pica, yard, point, etc.
  • USA: foot, link, league, etc.
  • International Nautical: fathom, cable, etc.
  • Metric: meter, kilometer, centimeter, millimeter, hectometer, etc.
  • Astronomical: light years, Parsec, etc.


InchPro Decimal is a free unit conversion software for Windows to convert measurement units interchangeably. It supports units from multiple systems like Metric,  Astronomical, International System, USA, and International Nautical. I will totally recommend it as it is a simple unit conversion software and supports a large number of units from different systems to convert interchangeably.

Download InchPro Decimal from here.

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