Windows 10 Physics Based Game App: Don’t Break the Eggs

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Don’t Break the Eggs is a free Windows 10 physics based game app where you have to protect the eggs from breaking. The eggs in the farm somehow landed in dangerous places and you have to get them back in their nest without breaking them.

The Windows 10 Physics based game app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of the article. When you start the app, you are straight away taken to the level selection screen, which looks like the screenshot below.

don't break the eggs home

You get 10 tries when you start the game, that means if you are not able to complete a level you lose a life and after ten lives you have to wait 5 minutes to get one new life.

Start with the first level by clicking on it and you will be taken to the game screen as shown in the screenshot below.

don't break the eggs game screen

Now the number 9 shown at the top of the window is the number of moves you get to finish this level. If you break the egg before that, its game over for you. You have to remove the blocks below the egg by clicking on them. Now you have to estimate which way the egg will move when you remove a block, because one wrong move could mean game over.

don't break the eggs aim

At the end of the game the egg should safely land in the nest, like can be seen in the screenshot above. When you complete a level you will get the level completion screen as shown in the screenshot below.

don't break the eggs level complete

You can jump to the next level from this screen, or you can also go back to the menu page from here. The settings option in the app will let you turn the music on or off.

Features of this Windows 10 Physics based game app:

  • Save the eggs from breaking.
  • Land the eggs in the nest where they belong.
  • Classic physics based game.
  • 40 levels to play.
  • Fun and simple game app.


Don’t Break the Eggs is a fun and simple game app which gets challenging with each level you cross. Simple means the gameplay is simple but the game does give you a good challenge. So help the eggs reach their nest and save them from breaking with this physics based game app.

Check out Don’t Break the Eggs for Windows 10 here.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 1   Average: 1/5]
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