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Scrumbs is free online tool to track daily scrum meetings with notes and impediments. Here it lets you log meeting notes and you can later export them. However, the export and reports feature is still a work in progress and will be available in coming updates. At this moment, you can add your different teammates here and log meeting notes and save them. It organizes your notes based on date and you can easily go back to any date to easily keep track of old notes and other impediments in ongoing projects. This is open source too and you can explore its code on GitHub.

In daily scrum meetings, you usually have to write down the tasks and some other key point about some ongoing projects. Since there are not so many dedicated tools available to handle this, you can use Scrumbs. Here you can simply note down everything and make notes about the discussion in a meeting. You can make certain note as an impediment in a project and it will appear separately in other section. The notes that you make will act as logs and you can come back later to track them and see status of the issues whether they are resolved.

Track Daily Scrum Meetings with Impediments, Notes

Tracking Daily Scrum Meetings with Impediments, Notes:

In order to use this scrum meetings management tool, you have to create a free account on the main website of Scrumbs and then simply start using the tool. Initially there is nothing to display. You first add names of your team members who participate in the scrum meetings and then you can simply get started.

scrumbs main user interface

In the Notes section of the tool, you can start adding the meeting notes in the tab of the respective member of your team. And while adding ad note, you can opt to mark it as impediment. If there is some problem in the development process or something is interrupting the further progress then you can note that down and keep track of it. Also, do note that when the listed impediment is resolved, you can simply unmark it from the list.

scrumbs impediments and notes

In this way, you can use this simple online tool to manage daily scrum meetings. You can easily use this with your team, no matter the size to list some important key points from a meeting. And you can always comeback to the note sin order to keep track of them.

Final thoughts

Scrumbs is a useful tool for almost any kind of project management where teams use scrum meetings. Different members can create notes about the meetings and mark the problems easily as impediments in the log. The tool helps you keep a lot of meetings that you can audit anytime later in the future. So, if you are looking for some free tool to manage scrum meetings then you can give it a try and let us know what you think.

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