Slack App to Create Polls and Get Votes from Team

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Beep Boop is a free Slack app to create polls and get votes from team. This app allows you to ask simple questions in the form of polls with multiple answers such as Who wants Lunch, Who will be in the Office, and so on in any of your Slack channels. After that, the team members on that particular channel will be able to vote by selecting any of the answers associated with the questions. It allows you to add up to 15 answers to a single poll.

Slack is undoubtedly one of the best team collaboration services available, and you can use many Slack integration apps to perform various tasks like track packages in Slack, get Stock quotes in Slack, share songs on Slack, etc. So, today I will explain “Beep Boop” which is also a Slack app and can be used to create polls and get votes right on your Slack channels.

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How to Create Polls and Get Votes from Team on Slack:

Step 1: First, visit the homepage of “Beep Boop” and then click on the button “Add to Slack” to integrate it with Slack. When this app gets integrated, you’ll be able to see a new username “inorout” on the “Direct Messages” section. This direct message bot can be used to get help on how to use this app for creating polls.

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Step 2: Now, to start creating polls, simply go to any of your Slack channels. After that, you need to type the command “/inoroout” followed by your poll question. For example, suppose you want to create a poll asking your team for a lunch, then you can simply type “/inorout Who wants Lunch?” and this will be your poll question.

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Step 3: When you’re done typing the “/inorout” command and your poll question, you can start adding vote options or answers. To add answers related to the poll question, simply press “Ctrl + Enter” to jump to the next line and then type your first answer. In the same manner, you can keep adding up to 15 voting choices for your team members in a single poll. For example, after typing “/inorout Who wants Lunch?” press “Ctrl + Enter” and then type Pizza in the next line.


After that, you can keep pressing “Ctrl + Enter” to move to the next line and then add a different answer in each line. When you’re done entering all the voting options, simply hit Enter and the poll will be generated instantly with clickable voting options, as shown in the above image.

Apart from adding simple voting options, you can also attach icons related to answers to make the polls look beautiful. Suppose, you want to add an icon for your answer “Pizza”, then instead of simply typing Pizza you need to type :pizza: Pizza in order to display the icon on the poll.

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Step 4: Once, you have created the poll and submitted it in any of your channels, all the team members of that specific channel will be able to view and vote for the poll question. To vote for a poll, the team members can simply click on any of the clickable voting options. All the votes will be recorded and will be visible at the bottom of the poll question, as shown below.


My Final Verdict:

Beep Boop makes asking questions to your team on Slack more interesting with polls. The voting options are not limited to few answers, and you can add up to 15 answers which your team members can choose while voting. So, whatever questions you have on your mind which you want to ask your Slack team members, you can ask them with beautiful polls using this Slack integration app.

Try “Beep Boop” from here.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 4 Average: 2.3]
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