Real-time Satellite Tracking Website to Track Satellites Orbiting Earth

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In this article, you will find a real-time satellite tracking website to track satellites orbiting earth. Uphere.Space is a free website where you can track and predict hundreds of satellites that are currently orbiting the earth. Using this website, you can easily find out which satellite is visible from your location.

The website shows the most popular satellites every day. Here, you can find satellites such as NOAA 15, NOAA 20, YAOGAN 30, ISS (ZARYA), and many more satellites. Clicking on any satellite, you will be able to track the satellite in real-time. You can watch the live video as well. Besides that, the website shows visible footprints, orbital path, speed, and height of the satellite.

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track satellite in realtime

Real-time Satellite Tracking Website to Track Satellites Orbiting Earth

To track the satellites in real-time, you can visit the website called Uphere.Space. This is a free website that is useful to track and predict the location of satellites.

Once you visit the website, it shows the most popular satellites for today. The site keeps on adding the new satellites as they get launched.

You can also see the full list of satellites which includes thousands of satellites including NOAA 15, Meteor Proroda, NOAA 20, YAOGAN 30, Atlas-Centaur, ISS (ZARYA), and many more.

choose satellite to track in realtime

There are other categories like Amateur Radio, Celestis, Earth Resources, Geodetic, Goes, Gonets, Iss, Strela, Tselina, and so on.

Now to track the satellite, pick any of the satellites which you want to track. The list shows a small description of the satellite such as satellite image, ID number, launch date, period, country, and the type of satellite.

Reading the description, you can open any satellite to track in real-time. You can also use filters to narrow down the result by category or recently launched satellites. The search bar can also be used to find satellites. All you need to enter the name or id number and then it shows relevant satellite results.

realtime satellite tracking

Once you open the satellite, it shows the Height, Speed, Azimuth (direction of a celestial object), and Elevation. You will see these details on the left whereas in the center you will find the satellite moving to the direction.

You can view the satellite on the yellow line. On the bottom right, there are two icons; the first one is to change the view of the whole space. Another icon shows options for satellites where you can enable tracking, show visible footprint, show night shadow, and show the orbital path. You can view your own location too. As the satellite moves, the elevation and azimuth keep on updating.

In brief

Uphere.Space is an amazing website to track satellites in real time. There are thousands of satellites available on the website that are orbiting earth. You can choose any of the satellites like NOAA 20, YAOGAN 30, Atlas-Centaur, ISS (ZARYA) and start tracking them.

Visit Uphere.Space here.

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