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The Brand Grader is a free online reputation management tool to see mentions of a brand by influencers, reporters, and bloggers. This tool allows you to easily find out the reputation of your brand with the help of brand mentions on forums, websites, blogs, etc. It shows various parameters of brand mentions like high influence mentions, mention locations, mention sentiments, mention sources, and more. To see these data about your brand, all you gotta do is enter your brand name and the rest is taken care by this tool. It even lets you export the mention reports as PDF files.

There are many online tools available (like Notify) which allows you to monitor brand mentions on social networks. But, if you would like to see mentions of your brand by top influencers, bloggers, and journalists all over the web, then start using this online reputation management tool for free. It is not restricted to monitoring your own brand, but you can also use it to see mentions of any other brand you want.

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How to See Mentions of your Brand by Influencers with this Free Online Reputation Management Tool:

First, visit the homepage of “The Brand Grader” and there it will ask you to choose the brand which you want to monitor for mentions. To do this, you can simply type the brand name in the input field and then select the correct brand from the suggestions displayed by this tool.

After that, enter your company email and hit the “Get Report” button. As soon as you do that, it will process the online data of the selected brand and generate the result for mentions by influencers, bloggers, and reporters throughout the web.

It will display the following parameters of the mentions.

Web Influencers:

The first thing you will see in the result is the mentions of your brand with high influences. It will show the top three mentions by influencers, bloggers, and reporters for the last 30 days. You can click on the mentions URLs to go to the location where your brand is mentioned. You will also see a pie chart with the total number of mentions with high influence.

Top Sources:

Under this section, you will be able to see the sources of your brand mentions over the last 30 days. It will display how many mentions are from “forums” and “news” separately.

Sentiment Detection:

This section will display the sentiments (including strengths and weaknesses) of your brand mentions. You will be able to see a pie chart along with the data of positive mentions and negative mentions.

Mention Overview:

This will display a graphical representation of how many mentions your brand has over the last few weeks on forums, blogs, and websites. You will also see additional options to toggle Cumulative graph and get an embed code for the graph to display it on your brand’s website.

Mention Locations:

Under this section, you will see a map which will display the locations from where your brand mentions came from last 30 days. You can also hover over any location to see the exact number of mentions from that particular location.

Social Following:

This will display the follower counts of our brand across different social networks. The below image shows the total number of followers of our brand on Twitter.

At the top of the result page, you will also see an option to export the report as a PDF file.

Closing Words:

The Brand Grader is a very useful online reputation management tool that makes it very simple for you to see your brand mentions by top influencers, journalists, etc. Personally, I like this tool as it is very simple to use and displays the result in a clean and properly arranged interface. Go ahead and check out how is your brand’s reputation over the web.

Try “The Brand Grader” from here.

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