Increase Image Resolution Online Using AI with no Pixelation

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This article covers a simple method to increase image resolution online using AI with no pixelation. Resolution is basically the fineness of detail in a bitmap image measured in pixels per inch (PPI). Generally, when we upscale an image, it increases the pixel dimensions but the resolution stays the same leading to a pixelated output.

Upscale Pics is a free web service that increases image resolution along with pixel dimensions. This service uses an AI-powered neural network to predicts the high-resolution image with great accuracy. It also improves the tone and texture of the image and automatically detects and removes JPEG compression. This service is currently in beta state and lets you upscale images up to 8x zoom. In the future stable version, upscaling up to 4x would be free while anything beyond that would be chargeable.

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Increase Image Resolution Online Using AI with no Pixelation

UpScale Pics has a landing page where you can upload your phone and increase the resolution. As of now, you don’t need an account to upscale images. But you can still log in with your Google account. The login is to keep track of the future paid users which would allow up to 8x upscaling along with batch operations.

increase image resolution online using ai

To increase the resolution of the image, simply tap choose file and upload your image. This opens an upscale factor popup on the screen where you can choose by what factor you want to upscale the image. The beta version lets you upscale image from 1.2x up to 8x. This will be limited to a maximum of 4x for free users after the beta.

upscale photos without pixelation

When you select the upscaling factor, this service takes some time to upscale the image. Once done, the new image is automatically gets downloaded to your computer. The resulted image is always a PNG file that has new higher dimensions with almost intact resolution (quality) to avoid pixelation.

Upscale images using AI here.

Wrap Up

Upscale Pics is a handy service to quickly increase the dimensions and resolution of an image. This service is consistent and takes lesser time to upscale the image as compared to other similar services. And, the output is really nice with increased dimensions without any loss in quality. The AI-powered neural network does a good job to enhance the image by keeping the details intact without pixelation.

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