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Runkod lets you host website free on decentralized internet with custom domain. Here you can create various website projects, upload them, and host them for free. Here it lets you host unlimited projects plus you get unlimited bandwidth as well. By default, it hosts your website on a subdomain but if you have your own domain, then you can can configure that here with ease. The interface is very simple and the overall process to host a website is very easy. After creating a project, you only have to upload website assets via drag and drop operation.

Runkod runs on Blockstack which is a decentralized internet platform to host decentralized apps. We have covered some decentralized apps based on Blockstack before for decentralized photo storage, cloud storage, spreadsheet, file sharing, social media, and many others. In the same way you can now host an entire website on decentralized web with ease. However, the server side languages are not supported so for now you will be able to host static websites only. If you have plain and simple websites in HTML//CSS and JavaScript then you can easily host them.

How to Host Website Free on Decentralized Internet?

You can reach the homepage of Runkod from here. After that, sign up for a free account and then simply proceed with the creation of projects. Here it uses Blockstack as a means for decentralized internet so you will need Blockstack ID to create an account here. If you have Blockstack account then you are good to go, otherwise you can easily create new ID.

Now, after signing in, you will reach the main interface where you can create a new project. In the beginning, you give your prefect name and it will be used as subdomain in the URL to host it on Runkod domain. But if you have a custom domain with you then you can add that here and wait for the changes to appear.

Runkod new project

Now, you can start uploading the website assets. All you have to do here just select the files and folders and then drag-drop them here to upload them. After that, you can simply access the websites at the URL that it has created for you. Additionally, if you added a custom domain then you can now access the final websites on that address.

Runkod in action

In this way, you can simply host a website on decentralized internet with ease. All you have to do is just use the drag and drag operations to upload website assets and create a URL. There are some options in it but since it is in beta stage, so they will become functional in the later updates. For now there is an option to put the created websites on maintenance mode.

Closing thoughts

If you want to host on your website on a decentralized internet then Runkod is a very good option. I liked the fact that this is free and you are given unlimited websites traffic. So, if you have a static site that you want to host then you can easily do that for free and without worrying about the storage or bandwidth. I hope that in coming updates they add more features in it such as analytics and file listing. But as of now, it is very good to quickly host any static site in a few minutes.

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