Free Online Puzzle Game to Test Your Brain Skills

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0h h1 is a free online puzzle game to test brain skills. You will be provided a grid (4*4 size by default) which you have to fill with blue and red tiles only. Sounds pretty simple, right!. But you have to fill the grid with these following rules to solve the puzzle:

1. Three adjacent tiles with same color (blue or red) in a row or column of the grid are not allowed.

2. Two rows and columns of the grid can’t be same (or have the exact same pattern).

3. Each row and column must have an equal number of red and blue tiles.

Size of the grid can be set as 6*6, 8*8, and 10*10 as well. This increases the difficulty level and makes it really tough to solve the puzzle. However, you can take as many hints during the gameplay as you want, and continue solving the puzzle.

Oh h1- free online board game

In above screen recording, you can see a 4*4 size grid solved by me. Score is also provided for solving the puzzle which depends on the number of moves done by you.

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About this Game:

This game requires a good presence of mind and intelligence. Concept on which this game is based on is known as Binairo or Takuzu. You can start the game with 4, 6, 8, or 10 size grid. After starting the game, you will find some preset tiles that cannot be changed or removed. Rest of the other tiles added by you can be changed with other color or removed as well. Whenever you get stuck in the gameplay, you can take a hint to find out the next step or move.

How To Play This Free Online Puzzle Game?

Open its homepage using the link placed at the end of this review. On its homepage, two tiles will be visible to you. Click on any tile and it will provide you tutorial to understand about the game and its rules.

start game tutorial

You can continue with the tutorial and then start the game. Select the grid size according to your level and start the game.

select a size for grid to play the game

Some preset tiles will be there which you can’t remove or change color. Apart from those tiles, you can add tiles with left mouse button. Clicking on a particular place in the grid will add red tile. And double-clicking on a place will add blue tile. To remove a tile, or to change its color, just do a single-click.

solve the puzzle and complete the game

Whenever you get stuck, you can take a hint, and continue to solve the puzzle. You need to rearrange tiles, remove tiles with intelligence to solve the puzzle. When the puzzle will be solved, game will complete, and you can start with another game.


0h h1 is a good puzzle game. You need to take care about the rules and fill the grid with logic. Try yourself and find out if you can fill the grid with all sizes.

Try 0h h1 free.

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