Free Earning-based Fair Share Calculator for Couples

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This post covers a free earning-based fair share calculator for couples. As a couple with different incomes, it can be struggling to split expenses fairly. First, you have to determine the income ratio of both and then split each expense based on that ratio. This can be done with a spreadsheet. However, the process is not for everyone especially when most calculation is usually done on phones.

Fair Share Calculator is a free online tool that aims to relieve this stress. It provides a fair and equitable way to split expenses based on each person’s earnings. This calculator takes into account the disparity in incomes and ensures that both partners contribute proportionally. The calculator has a dedicated website that can be easily used on phones as well as desktops allowing you to easily calculate equal shares of every expense.

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Earning-based Fair Share Calculator for Couples

Using the Fair Share Calculator is simple and straightforward. It has a very minimal interface with three input sections. Two sections on the top are for earnings where you have to enter your salary and your partner’s salary. The third section below is for the share expense that you want to split.

All you need to do is input both partners’ salaries and the expense amount into the calculator. The calculator then computes each person’s fair share based on the respective incomes.

Whether it’s rent, groceries, or utility bills, this tool ensures that each partner contributes an amount that aligns with their earning capacity. By providing a clear breakdown of expenses, it can help facilitate open discussions about finances and promote fairness within the relationship.

You can give it a try here.

Closing Words

Money is often a sensitive topic in relationships, especially when couples have disparate incomes. It’s not uncommon for financial disagreements to arise due to the imbalance in earnings. However, maintaining financial harmony is crucial for a healthy partnership. Fair Share Calculator is a valuable resource for couples to navigate the complexities of shared finances. By taking into account each person’s earning potential, this calculator promotes fairness and equality in sharing expenses.

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