Free Drag and Drop Online Workflow Automation without Coding

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This article covers an online platform for free drag and drop online workflow automation without coding. When it comes to automating online workflows, there are lots of free services you can go with. Most of those services either offer pre-built templates with little to no scope for customization or you have to build the automation with coding by yourself.

PandaFlow is an online automation platform that allows you to build and automate custom workflows by connecting multiple web applications. This platform features a drag and drop editor where you can add new connections, HTTP requests, data storage, branches, Javascript, and loop to the automation. It currently supports around 20 web applications in which you can connect and build automated workflows. On top of that, you can version-control your workflows with last run history. At the time of this writing, this automation platform is absolutely free to use.

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Free Drag and Drop Online Workflow Automation without Coding

Panda Flow offers you a simple and straightforward experience to build and automate online workflows. When you logged into the platform, the dashboard shows you all your workflows which you can run, edit, copy, and delete. There is a navigation pane on the left side that allows you to jump between workflows, run history, and connectors. In order to build a workflow, first, you have to add the respective online app (connectors) for that.

Add Connectors

darg and drop online workflow automation

To add an online app to the Panda Flow, go to the Connectors section from the navigation panel and click “Add New Connector”. This lists all the supported apps that you can connect. Simply pick the app of your choice and enter the API token or slug for that. This way, you can add all the apps that your workflow involves as connectors to Panda Flow.

Build and Automate Workflows

automate cloud apps without coding

After adding the connectors, you can start building the workflow from the Workflows dashboard. When you create a new workflow, it opens a drag and drop editor where you get all the connections on the left with a canvas in the middle to lay out the workflow schema. You can drag and drop the connections to canvas and connect the blocks to build a workflow. You can add the following types of blocks/steps to your workflow:

  • Connectors
  • JavaScript
  • Brach
  • Loop
  • HTTP Request
  • Data Storage
  • End Step
  • Delay Step

First, you can layout the schema and then add the information to each block to make them work. You can also do it simultaneously while making a workflow schema. At this point, you have create an automated workflow that you can run just with a click.

Closing Words

Panda Flow is a handy online automation platform that lets you automate online workflows with no coding or less coding. The block-based drag and drop editor makes it really simple to build workflows. The support for online apps and services is decent with hopefully more to add in the future.

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