Build Spreadsheet-based Workflows for Automation by Connecting Apps, APIs, Code

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This article talks about a web service where you can build spreadsheet-based workflows for automation by connecting apps, APIs, and code. There are many automation services that let you automate specific types of tasks. Most such services are limited to the particular type of workflows where are some lets you automate custom workflows.

Clay is a web-based workflow automation service where you can build your own workflows. This service has three parts for workflow automation. First is spreadsheet-like databases where you can store your data for triggers and actions. Second, you can create flows to automate actions based on events. And third, you can create custom functions using APIs, apps, and code. All this offers a wide variety On top of that, Clay offers it’s own API as well which you can use to bring automation to your projects.

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Build Spreadsheet-based Workflows for Automation

Whether you are a developer or not, with a little bit of understanding, you can use Clay to stitch various apps, APIs, and code into automated workflows and tools. Automation happens in three parts. Clay web app shows you a 3-step process starting with database, flow, and function.

Spreadsheet-based Databases

spreadsheet like database for automation

Clay has a spreadsheet-like layout where you can add your data. If your workflow starts with data input, you can enter that data to the spreadsheet and then call it later in the flow for automation. And, if your workflow starts with a trigger and gives data output, you can use the spreadsheet to store that output as well.

Create Flows to Automate Actions Based on Events


create flow for automation

Flow is that step in automation where you can define actions for events and create triggers. You can select your spreadsheet as the base trigger and then choose the app that you want to connect apps for action. You can build multiple triggers and actions for complex workflows. Clay already supports lots of mainstream apps and platforms. If any app is not supported, you can request to add that app to Clay. Each app here has triggers and actions which you customize as per your workflow.

Create Functions with Apps, APIs, Code

add code, api or app

Clay functions are the fastest way to get a simple serverless API up and running. Our code editor gives you a lightweight way to write a bit of code that you can then use as an endpoint, or as part of a Workflow or Base.

Most of the workflows only need databases and actions. But if you want to create far complex automation, you can add custom code and embed APIs as well. You can do that in the function step where you get a code editor where you can write your code for the workflow along with API calls. Clay itself offers a serverless API that you can use in your projects to embed automated workflows. You can read more on Clay API here.

Build your workflows with Clay here.

Wrap Up

Clay is an automation platform where you can easily build and automate workflows without prior coding knowledge. And, if you want to take the things a step up, you also get ‘Functions’ that allow you to build your custom workflow through code. With the free-tier, you can build up to 2 workflows with 1.000 runs limit. Also, you can add up to 10,000 records per base and get 1,000 function credit.

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