Free AI Chatbot to Help Startups with Legal Questions: Ace

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Ace is a free AI chatbot to help startups with legal questions. If you are a planning to start a business or have just started a business, you know money is a factor before you think of investing in any area of business. One such area is legal information. This is a very important aspect when starting a business and also one which could be just too expensive for a startup. Talking about lawyers and their fees is one thing everyone is scared of. Specially, being a startup you won’t have that kind of money to pay to a lawyer firm. But you do need a lot of legal questions answered while starting a business.

This is where Ace comes in to help you. Ace is based on the latest AI technology and it can answer all your legal questions that you have regarding your business. Which is much better than Googling a legal question because Google ends up giving you such ambiguous information which leaves you more confused. So give Ace a try with legal questions you have in mind.

Let’s see how this app works:

For starters, go to the website of Ace, the link for which is given at the end of this article.

On the home page of the website you will see the message as shown in the screenshot above.

The entire screen looks like the above screenshot, with a box at the bottom to ask questions. You can enter any question you have in the box and enter. The AI chatbot will answer your question promptly, as can be seen in the screenshot below.

To check the accuracy of the answer the chatbot also provides you links from where the answer can be verified. It shows the links at the bottom in green color.

As you can see above, the question that I asked had four reference links which are given at the bottom of the box.


Ace is a real helpful tool for people who have legal questions about their business or startup. They can simply ask the Ace AI chatbot their questions by typing them in. Knowing the level of advancement in AI technology, you can be assured the answers you are getting will be good enough. Try it out.

Check out Ace from here.

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