Check Real-Time Air Quality Index and Air Pollution In World

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Air Pollution in World is a free web app that helps to check real-time air quality index and air pollution level in the world with the help of a map. It shows AQI (Air Quality Index) and air pollution level in different countries of the world. Apart from this, you will also be able to navigate to a particular city of a country to find out air quality and air pollution level of that particular city.

AQI is categorized as good, moderate, unhealthy, unhealthy for sensitive groups, very unhealthy, and hazardous. Thus, this web app is very important to know if you are living in a fresh air environment or not.

There will be a map in front of you where AQI numbers will be visible to you for all the countries. You can click on any number to open a pop up and explore crucial data related to air quality hidden behind that particular number. For detailed information, you can also tap the link present in pop up to find out pressure level, temperature, ozone layer level of that particular area, and more.

check real time air quality index and air pollution level in world

In the above screenshot, you can see AQI and air pollution level in different colors of different cities of the world.

Green color indicates good air quality and Yellow color indicates moderate level. Apart from this, Orange color is to show unhealthy air level for some sensitive people and Red belongs to unhealthy air. Last category includes Violet color for very unhealthy air quality and Maroon color is the indication of hazardous AQI.

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How To Check Real-Time Air Quality Index and Air Pollution Level In World Using The Map?

To use this web app, all you need to do is access its homepage. You may use its homepage link placed at the end of this review.

As soon as you access its homepage, AQI numbers will be shown to you for all the countries of the world. AQI and Air Pollution level is categorized as: 0-50 as good level, 51-100 as moderate, 101-150 as unhealthy for sensitive groups, 151-200 as unhealthy for everyone, 201-300 as very unhealthy for all population, and 300+ as hazardous that can cause serious health effects.

homepage of this web app

To find out air pollution details of a particular city, simply tap on the AQI number. A pop up will open up in front of you. In that pop up, it will show you details regarding NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide) level, SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide), Ozone, and Particle Pollution PM2.5 in a graph.

click index number to view air pollution details

If you feel difficulty in understanding the graph, then you can click the link to get full detailed data about air pollution level of that particular city.

full detailed information about air pollution level

Important Features:

  • By default, you can view the world map for checking air quality and air pollution level. But you can also divide map continent wise: Asia, Europe, North and South America, Middle East, etc.
  • Zoom in/out facility is also available in map.
  • Scrolling down the homepage of this web app will provide you Other maps and Other cities option. Other maps include major cities of a particular country and other cities option contains major cities option of world.


Air Pollution in World is really a handy web app that can present important data about air pollution level of any country to you. No sign up and no hassle. Just open its homepage and check your city’s air pollution level air pollution level of any other city.

Try Air Pollution in World web app.

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