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Refined GitHub is a free Chrome extension to make the interface of GitHub simpler and better in terms of looks and use. All you need to do is, install Refined Github from the Chrome Web Store and open your Github account. You will notice a lot visual and usable features have been changed. You’ll notice less textualnoise’ on the interface mostly. This free Chrome extension will also provide you shortcuts to useful Github tabs so you can switch to and fro, much faster.

The most important feature of this GitHub Chrome extension is that it adds makes tab indented code look better on GitHub. So, if you are reading any code file on GitHub, this extension will improve the readability of that.

indentation refined github

There are more GitHub tools out there that make provide multitude of functions or simply make working with GitHub easier. One of such tools is Sourcegraph. Sourcegraph is a free Chrome extension just like Refined GitHub. It helps you browse GitHub codes like in an integrated development environment.

Let’s take a better look at Refined GitHub.

Features of Refined GitHub

There are two most prominent changes that Refined GitHub brings its users. Most of the times, GitHub codes are not properly indented. Refined GitHub organizes the code in much better readable blocks. Moreover, the Releases tab where mostly executable files are uploaded can now be found in the repository. Here is a list of features that Refined GitHub offers:

branch reference

  • It puts branch references as links in the pull request
  • Issue/pull requests are linked in their title


  • Avatars of GitHub users are added in reactions
  • Quick edit button is added to readme of projects
  • User’s full name is shown in the comments
  • A copy button to make copy-pasting code easy has been added in the file view
  • Button to delete fork quickly is now included on the repository
  • Files in the Pull request can be collapsed


  • Merge commits and regular commits are now differentiated
  • Indenting with the tab key in text areas is now possible
  • The annoying hover effect in repository file browser is now removed
  • Comment box toolbar and tooltips are also withdrawn

Final Words

Refined GitHub is undoubtedly a very useful Chrome extension that will ease the effort of a lot of developers on GitHub. This Chrome is free from any kind errors or bugs. I award Refined GitHub with 5 stars.

Download the Refined GitHub Chrome Extension here.

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