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Here is a free and very useful Chrome extension to help you browse GitHub codes like IDE. The name of this Chrome extension is “Sourcegraph for GitHub“. After installation, you can perform the semantic search for code by function/package/type available in a particular repository. Apart from this, you can also check how many other repositories are there where the same type/function/package is used and for which purpose.

The extension also lets you get the tooltip, definition, documentation and other information for any identifier available in the code. You can hover the mouse cursor over any identifier to see the documentation and type information. Clicking on a particular identifier will move you to the definition and/or documentation. From there, you can also click on Find Usages option to check other repositories where the same identifier or function/type is used.

browse github codes like ide

The database of Sourcegraph has indexed a lot of public repositories containing Java and Go codes. However, if some repository is not indexed, you can submit it to Sourcegraph easily. At present, this works for Java and Go codes only, but more languages will be added soon.

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Using This Chrome Extension To Browser and Search GitHub Codes like IDE:

Here is the homepage link of this Chrome extension. Install it and open GitHub. Now go to a particular repository. You will see Search Code at the top right side. Click that button and then you will be able to search for functions or symbols available in the code in that particular repository.

use search code button

Clicking on the result will move you to Sourcegraph page where you will be able to see the total number of repositories where the same function/type is used. You can also see the code that will help you understand more about the usage of that particular function/type.

repositories using the same function or type

See Definition and Documentation of Any Identifier Available In a Code:

To view the definition and/or documentation of a particular identifier. Open a code file. Now hovering the mouse cursor over a particular identifier will open a pop-up where you can read some information or definition. See the screenshot visible below.

view identifier definition and documentation

To view the documentation (if available), click on that particular identifier. You will jump to the documentation or definition part immediately.

The Verdict:

Sourcegraph for GitHub is a fantastic Chrome extension and really useful for programmers. You can browser and search Java and Go codes on GitHub in an easier manner. It will save a lot of time and good to use for sure.

Get this extension.

Editor Ratings:
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