5 Free Slot Games For iPhone

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Here is a list of 5 free slot games for iPhone which lets you have the enjoyment and feel of slot games right on your iPhone.

The slot games are one of the most famous games of the Las Vegas Casinos which are played by hundreds of people everyday to try their luck. Some of them win the jackpot while some of them also lose their hard earned money. Now, you can also feel the same thrill, excitement, and anxiety directly from your iPhone and that too without spending even a single penny. You can play these slot games to try your luck. Some of these games also let you play the online tournaments in which you can play against real opponents from different parts of the World.

All these apps also offer you bonus coins or chips on connecting the game with Facebook account.

1. Lucky Slots:

Lucky Slots

The first slot game for iPhone in this list is Lucky Slots. This game consists of various levels with each level becoming more and more difficult to win. To get past each level, you need to complete a certain pre-defined tasks. The game offers you virtual coins equivalent to $1000 after connecting it to Facebook. To play the game, you have to place a bet. The bet placed by you is equivalent to the product of number of lines and values of coins selected per line. For example, if you have selected 5 lines with value of each line selected as $2, then your total bet will be $10. You can choose the number of lines (maximum 30) and value of coins per line (ranging from $0.10. to $10.00) as per your choice. There is also an option called Bet Max which places the maximum possible bet automatically.

Besides this, the app has a very wide collection of slot machines. Each of the slot machine is unlocked when you complete a certain number of levels. You can also play online tournaments, earn rewards, and bonus.

Get Lucky Slots here.

2. Big Win Slots:

 Big Win Slots

The second slot game for iPhone is Big Win Slots. The game play of this slot game is similar to all the other slot games except for the fact that it is much easier to earn free coins and spins in this game. The 5 simple ways to earn them are: free coins after every 4 hours, free coins everyday for each one of your Facebook friend that plays the game, earn coins with each level that you clear, by watching videos, and by gifting virtual gift to your friends. Apart from this, the slot game has an unique feature called High Limit Room. In these rooms, the bets available for placing are even higher than the maximum bet available in normal rooms.

The app also has a VIP status for player and as you will go on to play the game regularly, your VIP status will also increase. The growth in VIP status will also make you eligible for extra privileges like more coins, bonuses, slot machines etc.

Get Big Win Slots here.

3. myVEGAS Slots:

myVEGAS Slots

myVEGAS Slots is the only slot game for iPhone in this list which also offers real rewards along with the virtual rewards and bonuses. The real rewards offered by the game are divided across various categories: Shows, Restaurants, Rooms, Clubs and Lounges, Attractions, Retails, and Others. You can also sort these rewards by Featured, Partners, and Price. You can redeem any of the real rewards against the virtual coins collected by you while playing the game. One more unique thing about the app is that the bet is set the Maximum Bet by default which is $60. The options for changing the bet gets unlocked after you complete certain number of levels.

Get myVEGAS Slots here.

4. Jackpot Slots:

Jackpot Slots

The Jackpot Slots game offers you the bonuses and coins after every 4 hours and also for featuring in the leaderboard. The app maintains a hourly, daily, and weekly leaderboard. You are awarded the coins for ranking 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th-25th, 26th-100th, 101st-250th, and 251st-1000th. Apart from this rewards, the game also gives 6 times the normal winning amount for each played game in next 2 days. The app also organizes special events in which you receive extra rewards and increase in the winning probability.

It is also one of the most difficult to win slot game in this list. You need to be a very lucky person to win something big in this game.

Get Jackpot Slots here.

5.Vegas Slot:

Vegas Slot

The final slot game for iPhone in the list is Vegas Slot. This game has an extra feature called Auto Spin. This feature spins the slot machine automatically for you up to 25 times. If you want to stop the Auto Spin feature in the middle, then you can do so by tapping on Stop option. The game also has large amount of achievements for you to unlock with each of them having their own set of rewards to offer. Besides this, the app has all other normal functions like Bet Max, Spin, Choosing Lines, and Coins.

Get Vegas Slot here.

Here, I finish my list of 5 free slot games for iPhone. Play these games to have a feel of slot games or if you are an avid slot game player, then you can play them to complete your daily dose of slot game even while on the go. Play them and do mention the name of the game which impressed you the most.

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