See Banned Instagram Hashtags List on these 5 Websites Free

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This post lists some websites where you can find the updated list of banned Instagram hashtags. Here these websites offer you list of hashtags in alphabetical order that Instagram has banned. You can check your post captions against the list of hashtags youll find on these websites and save your posts from being shadowbanned.

Instagram is probably the largest photo sharing site out there that does now allow NSFW content. Due to this policy there are certain hashtags keep getting banned so that public posts containing those hashtags won’t appear in users’ feed. To prevent this from happening, Instagram bans posts with certain hashtags and they look pretty normal as well.

If you are an Instagram creator then you probably want to save your posts from getting hidden in public feed. To do that, you just have to verify that your posts doesn’t contain any banned hashtag. And the websites I have mentioned in this list will show you all those banned hashtags. And they are updated for the year 2021 and will keep updating as well.

Banned Instagram Hashtags List on these 5 Websites Free

See Banned Instagram Hashtags List on these 5 Websites Free


Seekmetrics is one of the best free website with a lot of social media related tools. And one of those tools is the always updated list of banned Instagram hashtags. This website has compiled the list of illegal or prohibited Instagram hashtags in alphabetical order that you can analyze.

There is no registration or anything like that required on the website to access the list of hashtags. The list this website provides is free, ordered, and easily navigable. All you have to do is just analyze the list and see if you were using some of the banned hashtags in your previous IG posts.

Seekmetrics Banned Instagram hashtags

If you have some of the listed hashtags in your posts then you need to remove them ASAP. The list will keep updating and you can always come back to see more added hashtags and then never use them by mistake.

Banned Instagram Hashtags by Task Ant

Task Ant is basically an Instagram hashtags finder and a premium tool to do that. But it provides a free list of banned Instagram hashtags so that you never use them. Here it also has an alphabetically sorted updated hashtags list that you can analyze anytime with ease.

Task Ant has the entire banned hashtags guide that you can go through to learn more about hashtags. You can learn how these hashtags can hurt your audience reach and other factors. The main updated list of hashtags is there and no registration or anything like that required to access it.

Task Ant Banned Instagram hashtags

You just go to the link above and there you will find the list of banned hashtags. After that, you are free to do whatever you want with one caveat that there is no export option for future reference.

Banned Instagram Hashtags by HashtagsforLife

HashtagsforLife is another online tool you can use that provides a list of Instagram hashtags that are banned on the platform. This is basically a fine Instagram hashtags researching tool that you can use to find the appropriate hashtags for your posts. And with the list that it has for banned tags, you can just filter them out from your post captions easily.

If you don’t want to get penalized by Instagram then you need to take the hashtags list seriously. The list that this website provides is alphabetically ordered and updated.

HashtagsforLikes Banned Instagram hashtags

Just like the website above this website also has a handy guide for Instagram hashtags. If you want to know more hashtags then go through that guide. Also, you may want to know how bad banned hashtags can be for your brand or account and make sure that you never use them.

Banned List of Hashtags on Instagram by Kicksta

Kicksta is basically an Instagram growth tool you can use that you can use. It has various built-in options to grow your account with minimum efforts. Besides all that, it also provides an Instagram guide where you can find the hashtags that are banned by Instagram itself. It keeps the ordered list that you can analyze and stay away from those keywords.

Just like other websites here, you just access the list by simply going to the website. There is no registration or sign up required to access the list. The list is ordered and you can see hashtags from any letter there.

Kicksta Banned Instagram hashtags

The website is simple but the other tools that it has are premium. If you want to sue those tools and want to make use of the banned Instagram hashtags list then you can consider one of the premium plans that it has to offer.

Banned List of Hashtags on Instagram by IDEADECO

IDEADECO is the website in this list where you can find a precise list of banned Instagram tags. Just like the websites above here it has an entire list of IG tags that need to avoid. The list is updated and it also has a list of banned hashtags from the previous year. You can analyze the list and make sure you don’t hurt the reach of your posts because of them.

The list of hashtags is available there freely and you can just simply follow the links above to access it. It is already alphabetically sorted for your convenience so you can just analyze it or simply save them somewhere. On the same website there is a guide you can go through to see ways to avoid Instagram shadowban.

Ideaco Banned Instagram hashtags

Using banned hashtags is one way to get booted out of Instagram, but there are some other factors as well that you have to keep in mind. And the website mentions all those along with banned hashtags of last year.

Final thoughts:

To keep your account and post reach healthy, you need to avoid using hashtags on Instagram that are classified as banned. Posts containing those hashtags do not reach enough audience and repeated use can get your entire account locked. But the websites here can help you  with that if you go through the updates list of hashtags they provide. Just analyze the list and don’t ever use any banned hashtags in your post, stories, or videos.

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