2 Free Superhero Maker Apps for Windows 10

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Who doesn’t like a superhero or wants to be one in real life. Thus the name “Superhero Maker” sounds so cool. But in this article we will just be telling you about two apps using which you can create superheros of your own. These apps are more like dress up apps where you can put your creativity to work and make a superhero out of your imagination. There are lots of options in both the apps to choose from, to make a superhero of your own. Both these apps are free to download from the Windows 10 store. So we are not turning anyone into a real life superhero, but only bringing your imagination to life.

Let’s look at the 2 free apps for Windows 10 which let you create superheroes below.

Superhero Maker

Superhero Maker is a fun app. When you download and launch this app you will get a few options on your home screen for liking the app, or reviewing the app, etc. Go ahead and click on the play button in the center to start with your superhero making process. When you click the play button you will see a screen like the one shown in the screenshot below.

Now you have various choices to make for your new superhero. You have to start by choosing a face, hands, cape, shoes, body armor, background, etc. For each one of these you will have multiple option displayed on your screen. When you select a particular item you will immediately be able to preview it in the given screen, as it will be applied to your superhero in making. Above screen shows you the superhero in making in the center of the screen. Below the superhero are various options you can choose from and apply to your superhero. Once you are done creating your superhero you can go the hamburger icon at the bottom.

This hamburger icon will give you option to share, go full screen, and save your newly created superhero. As soon as you click the save icon, this superhero image will be saved on your device. You will just get a pop up message saying saved. This image will be saved in PNG format in your computers default pictures folder.

Pixel Hero

Pixel Hero app we covered earlier ass well. In this app you create a superhero in pixel. The entire drawing will be in pixel form. When you start the app, click on the new option and you will get a screen like the one shown in the screenshot above. From this screen you can choose various things for your superhero like skin, pants, shirt, belt, boot, gloves, head, capes, etc. You will be shown various options to choose from in the center of the screen. As soon as you choose a option it will be applied to your superhero which you can see on the right side of your screen. You can try on various looks on your superhero. Once you are done with creating your superhero, you can go ahead and save it. Right click on the app interface and the save command will come up. Click save and you can save the newly created superhero on your computer in PNG format.

See detailed review of Pixel Hero app here.


So these are the two apps which let you create a superhero of your own, using your imagination. You can try various combinations, until you like something. Once you have created a superhero you can save the image to your computer in PNG format. Then this image can be used anywhere you want. Go ahead and try these apps out.

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