5 Free Feedly Alternatives

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Here is a list of 5 free Feedly alternatives which you can use to follow your favorite blogs, websites, authors and stay updated. These Feedly alternatives makes sure that you don’t miss out on any news and latest updates, no matter how much busy you are. They provide you with instantaneous updates about the latest articles getting published on the blogs, websites followed by you. They also give you the choice of following any blog/website by either entering the RSS feed URL manually or by simply searching for them by using their name or keywords.

Most of these Feedly alternatives are available on multiple platforms including iOS and Android which means you don’t have to wait for getting access to a PC for reading latest posts. So let’s get started with this list of Feedly alternatives one by one.

1. Inoreader:


Inoreader is the first Feedly alternative to list and it’s one of my favorites among all the others. It is quite similar to Feedly in user experience and a few features, but it does have some extra features. You can add any website/blog to your reader list by entering the RSS Feed URL manually or browsing for them within the default categories of Inoreader.

When you have added the blogs and websites, then you will find all the latest articles on the dashboard. The list of all the subscriptions can be accessed via left sidebar and you can also click on any of them to read posts from a particular subscription. The other cool options of Inoreader are Unread counter, Mark article as read by specifying time criteria, set view mode, theme, sort by, grouping, etc. It also shows statistics about Read vs Unread, Articles Posted/Read on basis of time, and individual subscription stats.

Available On: Web, Android, and iOS.

2. The Old Reader:

The Old Reader

The next Feedly alternative in the list is The Old Reader. The user interface of this RSS reader is inspired from the original Google Reader. It lets you add blogs and websites by adding URL or simply entering the keyword related to the blog/website you want to add. The left pane displays all your subscriptions along with the articles counter in front of each of them. You can choose to like any post, mark it as starred, and bookmark. You can also choose to share the articles.

Available On: Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, OS X (Mac), Linux, WebOS, Firefox OS, Browser Extensions and Bookmarklets.

3. Digg Reader:

Digg Reader

The third alternative to Feedly is from Digg and it is known as Digg Reader. It is one of the cleanest and easy to navigate readers out there. You can choose to add news sources to your Digg Reader by browsing categories, searching for them, and even by entering the URL. The cool thing is that on entering the correct URL, it automatically fetches all available RSS feed URLs and you can choose which one to follow. You can also create custom folders to group your news sources.

All the available posts are shown to you in the center of the screen with their title and source name. You have to click on the post you want to read and it expands on the same page. When you have finished reading, simply click on title again to minimize it. Apart from browsing your subscriptions, you can also have a look at the Popular, Digg Deeper, and Diggs option. It also supports various Keyboard Shortcuts which you can check by clicking on Keyboard Shortcuts option.

Available On: Web, Android, and iOS.

4. Pulse:


The penultimate Feedly alternative is Pulse. It is a service from one of the social networking giant LinkedIn. The Pulse has a total of 15 categories with each of them having multiple news sources. You can choose to add any of these available sources for getting updated news from them. Since all the news sources are already categorize so you don’t have to spend time on categorizing them manually. All the available news sources are shown in card form with a featured image, title, and the source name.

Clicking on the news will take you to the preview page where you can read 1-2 initial paragraphs. For reading the complete article, the Pulse redirects you to article’s original web page. It also lets you share article on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can even choose to save it.

Available On: Web, Android, and iOS.

5. G2Reader:


The last alternative to Feedly which you can try is G2Reader. As you can get an idea from the name, G2Reader is inspired from Google News Reader. It lets you add news sources by using URL, keyword, or title. It also has an option for checking whether the RSS feed is valid or not. On entering the exact URL, you will be subscribed to the news source. It has a specific category labeled as Unread Items which lets you browse only those news which are unread. You can choose to share any article to Twitter, Google, Facebook, Buffer, LinkedIn, Pocket, and via email.

Available On: Web and Android.

With this, It’s time to wrap up the list of 5 free Feedly alternative. You can try all of them to see which one suits your needs the best. All of them are free to use and if you know about some others Feedly alternatives, then feel free to share them with me in the comments section below.

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