5 Free Farm Games for Facebook to Grow Crops and Manage Farm

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This article lists 5 free farm games for Facebook where you can grow crops and be a farmer. These farm games are very popular on Facebook and you often see people sending you requests to play a farm game. In these farm games you start with making a field to sow crops, then grow the crops by watering them, then harvest the crops, use the crops to create other products, and finally sell them in the market. Most of the games will be working around this pattern only.

These games are quite easy to play and have a relaxed game play style. There are no targets to meet or time line to match. So let’s go ahead and look at these free farm games for Facebook below.


FarmVille is probably the first farm game I came across on Facebook a few years back and it seems it still is pretty popular. The game starts with you being introduced to your farm and how things work. You have to place the farming land at a location of your choice and then start planting seeds. Harvest the crops when they are all ready and then start again to plow the land. The game is pretty fun to play.

You can go to the market place to buy seeds, and trees to plant. You can add buildings and decorations to your farm as well. Enough coins in the game can also help you to expand your land or farming area. You can invite your friends to play along with you as well. Use different tools to plow or harvest the land. Coins and the current level you are at can be seen from the top of the screen.

FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 is a nice farm game app for Facebook. It looks more like a better version of the previous FarmVille game. The game starts with you returning to your farm and meeting your friend Marie. Marie will teach you how the game works. How you have to grow crops and all. At the start of the game you are supposed to harvest your land and sow new seeds in them. Water the plants to grow. Once they are all grown you can harvest their products and sell them in the market.

The game is quite fun to play. Go to the store to buy the seeds and trees that you need to plant. You can also buy animals for your farm from there. Apart from that you can also buy buildings, decorations, consumables, etc. from the store. You can invite your friends to play along with you as well.

Family Farm

Family Farm is a another free game for Facebook where you get to play farmer. In this game app you start with the basic farm and then you need to sow seeds, water the crops, harvest the crops and then sell them. You need to feed the cow in the screenshot above to get milk from the cow. This milk can be sold in the market. Similarly, you have to feed the hen and the hen will produce eggs for you.

There is a store of market option in the right side bottom. You can buy stuff from this store like seeds, vegetables, etc. There is also a barn option where you can go and look what all products you have harvested. If need be then you can go ahead and sell the produce. You can add your friends to your neighbor’s and play with them as well. The level you are at can be seen at the top of the screen.

Farm Town

Farm Town is a free farm game for Facebook. In this game you start with entering your name and creating a avatar for yourself. After that you will be taken to your farm where you have to plow the land and sow different crop seeds. These seeds can be bought at the store located in the bottom right corner. Buy the seeds and sow them in the plowed land. After a while when your crops are ready, you can harvest them, using the right tools. After harvesting you need to plow the land again and sow new seeds.

For selling the harvest you collected you need to go over to the market place and sell the produce. You can also hire workers for your farm from the market place. You can also add your friends as your neighbor’s and this can be mutually beneficial for both of you. You can see the trophies you have won through the achievements section given in the right side corner.

Farm Seasons

Farm Seasons is a farming game for Facebook. With lovely graphics the game is pretty fast in speed. You are introduced to your uncle at the starting of the game who will walk you through your farm and let you know the basics of farming. Then you can start farming, plant seeds on the provided land, water them, feed the chicken for eggs, sell the eggs in the market, etc. Carrot harvest can be used to make food for the chicken, so do not sell them.

You can expand your farming area by clicking on the land around and unlock the extra land for some coins. You can go to the store option at the bottom right corner and buy a bunch of stuff from there like seeds, trees, animals, buildings, decorations, etc. You can also invite your friends and play along with them. You can keep a eye on which level you are at from top of the screen and can also check out how many coins you have from there.

These are the 5 free farm games for Facebook which let you play farmer and grow crops. All the games pretty much have the same sought of game play with one or two differences. I liked playing the Farm Seasons game the most. Just because of the reason that it is really fast despite the lovely graphics. So go ahead and try them out.

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