5 Free BAC Calculator Websites To Calculate BAC Online

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Here’s a list of 5 best free BAC calculator websites to calculate alcohol content in blood. They can be used to easily get an estimation of your BAC level based on your alcohol consumption, intake volume, drinking hours, and other information like your age, gender, weight, etc. You can check your BAC level by simply entering the requested information in these free online Blood Alcohol Level calculators. Calculating your BAC using these websites can help you easily determine whether you’re going over the standard limit of alcohol content in blood or not. Although, the results are estimations, you can still get a vague idea of your sobriety status.

While searching for BAC calculator websites, I have come across 5 of the best free online BAC calculators which I will share with you in this post. If you’re looking for a way to calculate your BAC on your smartphone, then you can check out our post on 5 Free BAC Calculator Apps for Android and 5 Free BAC Calculator Apps for iPhone.

bac calculator websites

Note: These online BAC calculator websites are great for estimating your BAC level, however, your actual BAC may vary depending on different factors like your recent meals, alcohol intake, hydration status, kidney function, age, gender, weight, and much more. So, please don’t rely completely on the results generated by these websites to decide whether you will be able to drive or not.

How to Calculate BAC Online using Health Status:

BAC Calculator by Health Status is one of the best websites to calculate blood alcohol content online. To calculate BAC using this website, all you got to do is choose a standard unit (imperial or metric), enter your gender, weight, select a beverage, intake quantity, and drinking hours. You can select a beverage from various predefined drinks like Airline Miniature Bottle, Ale (pint), Beer (12 oz), Brandy (snifter), Dry Martini, Tequilla (1.5 oz), and more.

Go through the steps below to calculate your BAC level.

Step 1: Visit the web page of BAC Calculator by Health Status, and there you will see the input fields required for calculating BAC. First, you need to select the standard unit either as Imperial or Metric.

select a unit

Step 2: After that, you can go ahead and enter your personal and drinks information. The required details for calculating BAC are your gender, weight, alcohol beverage which you have consumed, the number of beverages consumed, and the drinking hours.

select drinks infoo

Step 3: When you’re done entering all the details, simply hit “Calculate” and it will automatically calculate your BAC level based on your inputs. Apart from showing the BAC level, it will also display a table where you can compare your BAC level percentage and the associated effects.

bac level

How to Calculate BAC with Celtic Kane:

Celtic Kane is another useful website to calculate alcohol content in your blood with ease. For calculating your BAC, you can simply enter your weight, sex, metabolic rate, elapsed time, type of alcohol consumed, alcohol percentage of the beverage, and the total number of drinks you’ve taken. You can select the consumed alcohol type either as Beer, Wine, or Hard Liquor and choose the quantity in Can, Pint, Shot, Glass, etc.

Now, let me explain how to calculate blood alcohol content using Celtic Kane.

Step 1: Go to the Celtic Kane BAC Calculator page, and then you can start entering all the information which is required to calculate blood alcohol content. You will see two different sections named, “Determine Your Tolerance” and “Determine Total Consumed Alcohol” for filling the information.

information sections

Step 2: In the first section, it will ask you to enter your weight (in lbs or kgs), sex (male or female), metabolic rate (cheap date, social drinker, a heavy drinker, etc.), and the elapsed time of your drinks. In the second section you have to select the alcohol type (Beer, Wine, or Hard Liquor), the percentage of alcohol in your drinks, and the quantity of alcohol which you’ve consumed (in predefined Can, Pint, Glass, Shot, Ounce, etc).

Step 3: Once you do that, you can simply click on the “Add This Alcohol to Total” button to calculate your BAC level. It will show your estimated BAC, the time required to be sober again, and are you able to drive or not. Apart from that, it will also display a graphical chart of your BAC level with respect to time.

bac level

Calculate your BAC using Intox:

BAC Calculator by Intox is also a pretty useful website that helps you generate an estimation of your BAC level. It simply asks you to enter how many drinks you have consumed, what type of alcohol, the time period, your gender, weight, and the country in which you live in. Selecting the country is required so that it can show the BAC result in appropriate units. It offers more than 30 beverages such as Bloody Mary, Gin & Tonic, Gimlet, Mint Julep, Black Russian, etc. which you can select to calculate your BAC.

Let use see the steps required to calculate BAC.

Step 1: You can simply visit the website and start entering the requested information under the “The Drink Wheel” section. It asks for your information in an interesting way which includes a phrase which sounds like you’re explaining your alcohol consumption to someone.

enter drink details

The information which you have to fill includes the total number of drinks, alcohol beverage, drinking time, gender,  weight (in pound or kilograms), and your country (such as the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, etc.).

Step 2: After you’ve entered all the information, click the button that says “Estimate my Blood Alcohol Concentration” to calculate your BAC Level. It will display your blood alcohol content and provide a list of symptoms such that you can compare your BAC level with the effects.

bac level

Use Blood Alcohol Calculator to Find your BAC online:

Blood Alcohol Calculator is also one of the best and simplest websites to calculate estimated BAC instantly. To calculate your BAC level, it simply requests you to fill out some questions like age, weight, gender, drinking time, what type of drinks you have consumed and how much. The predefined alcohol beverages are divided into 4 categories named, Shots, Cocktail, Beer, and Glasses of Wine from which you can select different types of drinks which you have consumed.

Follow the steps below to find your BAC level using this website.

Step 1: Simply, browse the website and at the top of the webpage there will be a slider which will guide you to calculate your BAC level. When you hit “Next” button on the slider, it will ask you to enter your age, weight, gender, drinking time, and how many glasses of water you have taken while drinking alcohol.

personal info

Step 2: After that, click the “Next” button again and you will see the options to select what type of alcoholic beverages you have consumed and how many in numbers. You can select beverages from the categories Shots (Tequila, Vodka, Rum, and Whiskey), Cocktail (Long Island, Martini, Vodka Soda, Rum & Coke, and Other), Beer (5-10 ABV), and Glasses of Wine (Red, White, Wine Cooler).

choose drinks

Step 3: After that, simply click on the “Next” button and you will see the results of your BAC level. In addition to your BAC level, it will also show the symptoms based on the values.

bac result

Calculate BAC online using R U Pissed?:

R U Pissed? is a free online BAC calculator which can provide a good estimation of your BAC level based on the information you enter into the calculator. It normally asks for your personal information, drinking time, and type & quantity of alcohol consumed. Using these details, it will generate an estimated result for your BAC level and also tell about the symptoms. It only offers three predefined beverages (Beer, Wine, and Spirits) from which you can pick your drinks to calculate BAC.

You can go through the steps below and see how to use R U Pissed?.

Step 1: The procedure of calculating BAC using this website is divided into 4 steps. In the first step, it will ask you to enter your age (in years), gender, height (in cm), and weight (in kg). After that, in the second step you have to enter the time for how long have you been drinking, as shown below.

personal information

Step 2: In the third step, you will be able to choose a drink type (either as Beer, Wine, or Spirits), the alcohol level in the drinks, quantity (glass, pot, stubbie, etc.), and the number of shots. Apart from that, you can also add your own drinks by entering the alcohol percentage and volume in mL.

add drinks

Step 3: When you’re done adding drinks, simply click on the “Calculate” button in the 4th step and it will calculate your BAC level instantly. Additionally, it will also show the amount of alcohol ingested, alcohol remaining in your blood, and the symptoms.

BAC level result

My Final Verdict:

These  BAC calculator websites are pretty simple to use and can help you check your BAC level depending on your alcohol intake in no time. The results generated by these websites might not be as accurate as compared to a real breathalyzer, but you can at least get an estimation of your blood alcohol content level.

Check out all these websites and let me know how they worked for you in the comments below.

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