Free Break Reminder App for Desktop to Improve Sitting Habits

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Move More is a free break reminder app for desktop to improve sitting habits. This is a cross-platform app that shows you interactive reminders to encourage you to move more. The default time interval for the break is 25 minutes but you can customize that. Apart from showing break reminders, it even displays a quick tip that you can use to improve your sitting routine. If you sit for long hours then this desktop is for you. It will keep reminding you to go take a walk and this way, you will eventually end avoiding too much sitting.

There are other break reminder software which remind you to relax your eyes or take a break from you work. But the break reminder I have added here reminds you to take a walk to avoid sitting whole day. Sitting constantly is not good for health which is why you need to often take break and take a walk but sometimes you can forget that. Which is why you need some apps to take care of that. And Move More app here does that for you precisely. It will then keep reminding you about taking a walk with a quick tip.

Break Reminder App for Desktop to Improve Sitting Habits

Using this Free Break Reminder App for Desktop to Improve Sitting Habits:

I have already mentioned that this app is available for MAC, Windows, and Linux. You can download this app from here and the install it. On the first screen, you need to enter your email address. Next, it will redirect you to the main interface of the app that you can see below.

On the main interface of the app, you have to specify the time interval to show reminders and then you can specify other settings as well. You can opt to play a sound or show custom message in the reminder that it shows there.

Move More in action

In the screenshot below, you can see an example of the reminder it shows. The reminder app window will show on top of all applications and there is a tip included as well. When you come back after taking break, simply hit the “I’M Back” button and then continue to your work.

Move More breaks reminder

This is all this simple app can do for now. You can easily use it to keep yourself reminded of breaks. It keeps you away from spending your whole day by sitting and working. If you work for long hours then you need to install this simple app and take frequent breaks in a day to stay healthy.

Closing thoughts

I really liked the idea of the app that it prevents you from spending your whole day sitting. Studies have proved that sitting constantly for long hours can affect your mental and physical health. So, if you are the one working for so long sitting and don’t take breaks then this is the app for you. Just install it, set the reminder preferences, and leave the rest on the app itself.

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