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SmoothDocs is an application used to create documents from templates quickly. Templates serve as the base with which you can create documents. The advantage with templates is that with the predefined texts and formats you can create any number of documents saving a lot of time.

Customization of specific components by means of fields and sections helps to create multiple documents for your exact requirement. Sections are portions of texts assembled together to create documents.

Consider the situation of submission of your resume to various firms. We know that different firms ask for resumes in their own respective formats. Here is where this free document assembly software will help you. You can easily create resumes in multiple formats by adding or deleting sections to make it according to the requirements.


Features of SmoothDocs:

  • Save Time : Save time each day by making invoices, resumes or other documents quickly using this free document assembly software. Get rid of searching and then editing / customizing documents for use every time.
  • Simple To Use : The USP of the product is its simplicity which is not found to be on other document assemblers which have a very cluttered interface and working.
  • Avoid Mistakes : SmoothDoc identifies and updates parts which need to be and leaves others so your document doesnt contain those small errors.
  • Free Support : SmoothDoc provides a comprehensive round the clock human support through email and claim to respond to your queries within 12-24 hours.
  • Small Business Focus : Flexibility being the key in small businesses, SmoothDoc is build in such a way to make it easy to create and use templates or documents. It allows for documents to be exported to pdf to email or to be printed.
  • Free with minimal limitation : SmoothDoc is free to use and is fully risk free and can be installed on as many computers. The only limitation with the free version is the maximum usage of 10 sections and 10 fields that can be added.

How to Create a Document in SmoothDocs:

  • On the welcome screen, click ‘Create a New Document.
  • Select your ‘Template’ by either using the drop down menu or browsing a location on your computer.
  • Choose ‘Sections’ to be added. Sections shown in green are the ones you can add and the ones shown in blue on the right are the one’s who have already added.
  • Fill ‘Fields’ to be used in your documents
  • ‘Print’, ‘save’ or ‘edit’ your documents.

How to Create a Template in SmoothDocs:

  • On the welcome screen, click “Create a New Template”.
  • This opens the SmoothDocs Template Editor. Section controls displayed in blue are on the left while fields are displayed in green on the right.
  • The toolbar used for common formatting is located above the text box in red.

  • Type text for your template in the center in the next screen. Add ‘Sections’ for your template. Other options for section include remove, rename and move section up and down.
  • Add ‘Fields’ for your template. Other options for field include remove, rename, and move section up and down.
  • Once your template is complete, save it.
  • Exit the template editor and return to the Welcome Screen.

How to Open a Document in SmoothDocs:

  • To open the Document Builder click “New Document”.
  • Choose a Template for your Document and click ‘Next’.
  • This will open the Document Builder.

System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems : Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
  • Java Runtime : Java JRE 1.6 or greater
  • Processor : 750 MHz or better
  • Memory(RAM) : 256 MB or better
  • Screen Resolution : 1024×768 pixels or better (wide screen also supported)

Check out SmoothDocs free.

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Works With: Windows
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