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Internet TV Player-7 is a free software which allows you to watch TV online or listen to radio channels which is based on “Microsoft Media server” streaming protocol. This program is much handy and reliable utility to listen to radio channels and watch TV online. You will find out list of free channels available. The player is much more sophisticated and built-in with all the standard features and functions.

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You can easily save and load channel according to your preferences. You can easily adjust the video size of the screen like 50%, 100%, Full screen and Fit to window.

System Requirements:

  • DirectX 9.0 or higher
  • Internet connection with 128kbit/s or higher.

Available List Of Channels:

Access Sarasota CBN News Focus 49 Music Box Peru TV Online Tv Atalaia Net VVTAP News MOA ritiameTa PaAuo Max4
America Tv CH 2 TV FOX 11 NASA Radio Station Belarus TV cxolombia Wyln FIEW3bIti kly3b1K3.01bMbIli KaHafi PaAtio Mornie-Kapno
AMTV City of 0*Fallon FOX 6 NASA EDUCATION RIK TELEVISION TVU Music Zoom Pakilo 1 Pakio Opi:00
ATV City of Thornton Fox Sports NASA HD Sitcom Channel UW Tv Accamenen TB Pakio D-FM Pakio flepeoe pyccKoe
Bloomberg TV Citylink Frecuencia Latina Nascar ESPN TCT UW2 TV Befiapycb 1 Pamo Energy PaAuo Panc-FM
BLUE SKY CMD Georgia-RCTV NBC News Tele Amiga WCTV 48 Beriapycb 2 WACO PaAtio Maximum PaAuo POCOIA
CaliTv Delta TV Golden CH Oahu 52 Telemedios Canal 25 WIDSU Beriapycb TB Pa4410 BECT41 FM PaAuo Ciranitta
Cartoon Networks Discovery Channel KLRN Old cartoon Televicentro 2 WHOHTV 61131-Iec TB Pakio KapHaean PaAuo X4IT FM
CBN Falconia Tv LA36 PCMA TV199 Tropik Radio WKFK DTV 7 BoiluciecKoe TB Pakio Kytibirypa Paituo FOHOCTb
CBN Espanol FiX HD MegaVision PCTV Access Tropik TV WKRG 3wioroil eeK Pailuo Kyfibrypa P6K

Key Features Of This Internet TV To Watch TV Online:

  • Easy and convenient to use and get started.
  • Save and load list of channels.
  • Share channels with your Friends
  • Connected to “Microsoft Media Server” streaming protocol.
  • Easy installation and quick to access.
  • You can even pause and stop any channel.
  • You can reconnect, in case the link is broken.
  • You can even adjust video size.

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How To Install Internet TV Player-7 To Your PC:

  • To install Internet TV Player-7 to your PC, click here.
  • Download the setup file*.EXE
  • Double click on the set up downloaded.
  • Follow further instruction to install this Internet TV To Watch TV Online.

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Internet TV Player-7 is a program to watch TV online with list of more than 300 channels. You can select, save and load your favorite channels. Try this internet TV to watch TV online and share it with your friends.

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Works With: Windows 2000, 7, 98, Server, Vista, XP
Free/Paid: Free

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