Activate Back Option for Links Opened in New Tabs in Firefox

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BackTrack Tab History is a free extension for Firefox to activate (or enable) back option for links opened in new tabs. Normally, when you open a link/webpage in new tab, it doesn’t come with option to go back to parent webpage or all the previous pages that were opened before that particular link. In that case, you need to switch to parent tab again and use back option to access previous webpages. Using this handy add-on solves this problem automatically.

Whenever a new link or links are opened by you in new tabs, it will keep the history of all previous links with it that were opened in parent tab. As a result, you can use back option and move back to previous webpages without switching to parent tab.

activate back option for new links opened in new tabs and window

In above screen recording, you can see how this add-on helps to get the back option for newly opened link(s).

Note: It is mentioned in the homepage of this add-on that it can optionally works with links opened in new window of Firefox browser. However, I tried multiple times, but didn’t find back option for links opened in new window.

Use This Free Firefox add-on to Activate Back Option for Links Opened in New Tabs:

To use this add-on, access its homepage by clicking on the link placed by me at the end of this review. Use ‘Add to Firefox’ button and install it on your Firefox browser.

As soon as you have installed this add-on, it will start working. You don’t have to manually configure settings or restart the browser to use it. Just open a webpage and open a link from that webpage in new tab. Now come to the newly opened tab and you will find that back option is available with new link, which was not possible before.

back option will activate automatically for new link opened in new tab

Back option will retain all the history from its parent tab and you can go back to the last link or webpage opened by you.


BackTrack Tab History is just a simple Firefox add-on. Still, it provides a powerful feature to activate back option for new links opened in new tabs. When dozens of tabs are opened in a particular session, this add-on will help you to go back to previous webpages from newly opened link, without switching back to parent tab.

Get BackTrack Tab History Firefox add-on.

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