PC Image Editor: Free Image Editing Software to Enhance Images

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PC Image Editor, as the name itself suggests that, this is a free image editing software designed for amateurs as well as  professionals to edit the images. This image editor is very easy to use and the user does not need any tutorial to learn using this software as it’s user-friendly. It can edit any image and the edited image can be saved in a number of formats. The editing options present in the PC image Editor let’s you play with the colour, size, texture of the image which results in customized images.

More about PC Image Editor:

PC Image Editor can make unbelievable changes in the images along with retaining the quality of  the image. Here, is an example of the image edited:

Free Image Editing Software

The left image is the original one and the one on the right side is edited using PC Image Editor. You can see the difference in sharpness, brightness, contrast, angle of rotation, and certain other things between these images. The edited image is looking fabulous when compared to the original one.

Let’s have a look at some basic functions available in PC Image Editor:


From the adjustments, you have the option to change: brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma, hue, lightness, RGB Colorize etc. Various filters like Sharpen, zoom, blur, noise, diffuse, mosaic, maximal etc. are available.

Certain Effects such as: Rotate, reproduce, twirl, perspective( horizontal and vertical), skew( vertical and horizontal) are available. The image can also be resized using a number of options present.

The history is also recorded and shown for each image.

Features of this Free Image Editing Software:

  • Images in various file formats can be imported as well as exported. It supports file formats like: BMP, TGA, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, RAS, WMF etc.
  • Various filters can be applied to the images such as: Blur, Diffuse, Twirl, Sharp, Emboss, Mosaic etc.
  • Images can be rotated in various angles like: 90 degree, 180 degree, horizontal flip, vertical flip, skew, perspective etc.
  • Various commands are also available such as: auto levels, brightness, contrast, Invert, colorize, auto contrast, invert, hue, gamma channel, RGB Channel etc.
  • Scanners are supported which allows to scan the images directly and make them ready to retouch.
  • Printers can print the image directly linking this image editor, making the print out of images filled with all the effects applied.

Download and Installation:

PC Image Editor can be easily downloaded from here. It is free for use only to the home users, however to use it commercially you need to purchase it. So for personal use you can just download the setup and by following the instructions on the installation wizard you can install the application.


PC Image Editor is a very good and simple application to edit your images. Both professionals and amateurs can use this free image editing software to edit their images. The features provided within the application can bring drastic changes to your images giving a complete different look to your images. Try out some other free photo editing software reviewed by us.

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