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Archmule is a free project management platform where you can manage your project with a natural workflow that divides tasks based on their completion status. You can collaborate with different people on different projects. It is very easy to use since everything is done on a single page with a few tabs. The tasks are divided into Done, Now and Next which lets you know which tasks are done and which ones are urgent. Users can also schedule tasks which sends email alerts to all the concerned users when it is due.

Archmule is a very useful project manager. The best thing about it is that is completely free and does not have a pricing plan based restriction. I am very sure you can add unlimited users, projects and tasks. It also acts like a social platform where you can interact with your teammates and selectively follow some of them.


You might want to check out these 5 free project management tools that also have collaboration features. However, most of these are bounded by pricing plans that might limit functionality.

So let’s check out Archmule!

How to Use Archmule


When you first log onto Archmule, you will be asked to create a project. Once you do, you can add members of the concerned project. Members can be added from the Members tab on the main interface by sending them email invites.


The interface is a simple post maker where you can attach any kind of file. Posts can be scheduled by clicking the little calendar icon in the text box. You need to choose the date and time when the post needs to be scheduled. All added tasks will come under ‘Next’ since they haven’t been completed yet. The only thing the developers could have added here was the automatic movement of a task from Next to Done when it runs out of time.  When a task is completed you can manually drag and drop the task from Next to Done. When a scheduled task comes across its scheduled time, it is automatically moved from Now to Done. All the files that have been attached on various posts can be reviewed and downloaded from the Files tab.


The simple text box makes it feel like a social networking site where you can also follow what your teammates are doing. Click the Social tab and click ‘Follow’ to keep track of a teammate. All the activities related to the project can be seen under the Activity tab. Users also have a news feed on their Home page where all the news and notifications regarding all their active projects have been listed.

Final Words

As I have mentioned before, Archmule is really easy to use and incomplex when to comes to functionality. There are only two things that cover all Archmule’s main functions: Adding tasks and dragging-dropping tasks in the workflow. Apart from a project management platform, its news feed and ‘Follow’ option kind of model it into a social platform too. I award this free online project management platform with 5 stars.

Try Archmule here.

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Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 23 Average: 4.4]
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