Windows 10 Time Learning App for Kids to Learn Telling Time

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Telling Time! is a free Windows 10 time learning app for kids where kids can learn how to tell time in a interactive way. The app gives you various clock options like digital clock, analog clock, roman clock, etc. Any clock you pick is further divided in to categories like O’ Clock, quarter after, quarter before, etc.

The Windows 10 time learning app can be downloaded from the Windows 10 store or from the link given at the end of this article. When you start the app you will come across an interface as given in the screenshot below.


From the home page you can choose which type of clock you will like your kid to start with. You can choose between the analog clock, the digital clock, or the roman clock. Each of these clocks have sub topics like O’ Clock, quarter after, quarter before, half past, etc. You can start with any topic of your choice.

When you start with a topic you will get a small description of how that particular topic works. Like the below given screenshot shows how the O’ Clock system works on a analog clock.


Below this small introduction you will see your practice test, where you will be shown the problem statement and you have to set that time in a clock. This can be seen in the below given screenshot.


The above screenshot shows you a question where the child has to set the time in the clock to 1 O’ Clock. The upward and downward arrow buttons are given to  move the hour hand of the clock. Set the time in the clock and press the enter button. If you set the correct time a smiley icon will appear on your screen along with applause sound in the background. In case you didn’t set the right time, the hands in the clock will turn red along with a sound which means you were wrong.


At the top left of the window you can see options for badges. Badges can be earned when you take a quiz in test mode. There are a total of 28 badges which can be earned per student.

Next to badges is the reports option, which will show a students performance in tests. Each students performance is recorded under their names.

The settings option lets you change the background color of the app, turn the volume on or off, and the practice mode can also be turned on or off.

Features of this Windows 10 time learning app for kids:

  • Learn how to tell time in an interactive way.
  • Practice tests in every topic.
  • Background voice can be turned on or off.
  • Background color can be changed.
  • Take quiz in test mode to earn badges.
  • Reports option to show your child’s performance.
  • Enter multiple student names and data for each student will be stored by their names.


Telling Time! is a nice app to make your kids learn how to tell time. The app is interactive and has nice background sounds to encourage children. It is a fun way for kids to learn telling time. The test modes are good as well to test out how much your kids have learned.

Check out Telling Time! for Windows 10 here.

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