How To Turn Off Page Prediction In Microsoft Edge?

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This tutorial explains how to turn off Page Prediction in Microsoft Edge. This feature is natively supported in Microsoft Edge. You can access advanced settings of Microsoft Edge and then turn off or disable page prediction. I have added all the steps here to help you access advanced setting of Edge browser and then disable this page prediction feature successfully.

When Page Prediction is turned on in Microsoft Edge, it helps to speed up the browsing (by predicting the next page), improve reading, etc. This feature is good but for that, Microsoft Edge collects data and send it to Microsoft to help you. So if you think this can be a threat to your privacy or security, then turning this page prediction feature in Microsoft Edge might be a good idea.

Let’s see how to turn off this feature.

How To Turn Off Page Prediction In Microsoft Edge?

Step 1: Start Microsoft Edge using its taskbar icon or Search box.

Step 2: Access Settings of Microsoft Edge. For this, click More icon (three dots) visible on the top right side, and a pop-up will open. Use Settings option available in that pop-up.

click settings option

Step 3: Now many options (like Choose a theme, Clear browsing data, etc.) will visible. You have to scroll down that list and then click “View advanced settings” button.

click view advanced settings button

Step 4: Advanced Settings has many other options. Again, you need to scroll down the list of all those options. You will find “Use page prediction to speed up browsing, improve speed……..” option. This option is turned on by default. Turn off this button.

turn off page prediction option

That’s it! Now you have successfully turned off page prediction in Microsoft Edge.

Whenever you have to use this feature again, you can turn on the same option.

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The Verdict:

Page Prediction feature can be helpful when you want some better speed in browsing while using Microsoft Edge. But, when you are more concerned about your privacy and you don’t want to share your data anonymously, then disabling this page prediction feature in Microsoft Edge would be a good choice.

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