Online Tool to Assess the Website’s Usability: PageGauge

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PageGauge is a free online tool to assess the website’s usability. It estimates the usability of your website with the help of automated analysis. All you have to do is feed your website’s URL and it will automatically produce the usability score. The generated score depends on some test elements such as accessibility, navigation, design, and interaction. Using the results, you can easily understand that where your website needs improvement among the above elements.

Let us talk about the working of this online tool. After you feed any URL, it runs some tests for various usability criteria like clear 404 error page, responsiveness tags, compatibility with browsers, and more. Then it uses some algorithms to generate usability score for your website. The score means how much your website has scored out of 10 with respect to navigation, design, etc.

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How to Assess the Usability of your Website:

Step 1: You can simply go to the homepage of this online tool and generate usability score for your website. No, sign up or registration required.

Step 2: In the main screen, it will ask you to feed your website’s URL. After entering the URL, simply click the “Run Test” button to generate the score.

feed url

Step 3: It¬†will automatically run some tests for your website’s URL in order to analyze the website usability. It may take a minute or less for analysis.


Step 4: When your report gets ready, it will ask you to enter your email id such that you can view the score. Click the “Get Report” button after entering email id.

get report

Step 5: Then you will be able to see the usability score of your website out of 10. As we have already discussed, that it runs test for elements like accessibility, navigation, design, and interaction.


Step 6: PageGuage will generate reports for the elements and let you know that which criteria or where your website needs improvement.

My Final Verdict:

It is a simple tool to assess website usability and view usability score out of 10. Simply enter website’s URL to generate results for elements like navigation, interaction, etc. The main objective is to identify and let you know that which criteria of your website needs improvement.

Try “PageGuage” from the link here.

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