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LearnBoost is a free online gradebook application that can help you to manage your classroom and school easily. In other words, it is an online equivalent of the planner that used to be at every desk along with the calendar. It is efficient and useful for parents, teachers, and students alike. Although there are other such tools available online, LearnBoost with its beautiful interface, still, holds significance. More importantly, this free online gradebook software can be integrated with some Google applications too.

Signing Up with LearnBoost Online Gradebook App:

LearnBoost operates in three modes viz. teacher mode, student mode, and parent mode. These modes become active according to the information input at the sign-up form in this free online gradebook application. Specific functionality for teachers, students, and parents will be functional for respective users. You can visit the official website here to sign up. Check out Student DOG free student organizer reviewed by us.

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Features And Usage of this Free Online Gradebook App:

Event planning and remembrance of the same is the common feature in all the modes.

  • Students – Students can plan their day, week, or an entire month on LearnBoost. In fact, these are the three forms in which this free online gradebook application displays its planner, one can plan an entire year on LearnBoost by using the forward arrow for months. As a result a detailed planner can be formed of routine as well as special activities of all the days in a year in this free online gradebook app.


The right panel of the Students’ window reflects all the activities that are to be done on the current day. Besides, school classes and tuition classes can be included through Add Class. Once added, classes are not just depicted to remind students about them but details about them can be saved and viewed. Subjects can be specified along with their respective teachers. In addition to it assignments, homework and other responsibilities can be specified along with respective subjects in this free online gradebook app.

LearnBoost has a network where tasks, programs and even assessments can be viewed.

  • Teacher– Like students, teachers can plan their calendar too. However, teachers get many more useful features than parents or students. This is quite reasonable as teachers have more number of tasks than parents or students and therefore, they require more features to efficiently manage them.
    Teachers can view their classes subject-wise with respective number of students for each of them. General information, roster, seating arrangement, schedule, and accessibility can be administered for each class. Besides, a teacher can maintain a detailed Gradebook for each class where information regarding all types of assessments can be displayed. All the results are maintained in various forms of graphical representations such as bars, charts, graphs, etc. There is also a very efficient attendance table to capture students’ punctuality.In addition to these, the settings of all the features can be changed according to personal preferences. This makes the layout personalised and makes working on LearnBoost interesting. A separate page allows maintenance and descriptions of all the lessons of both past and future. In this page there are separate sheets to track general information, maintain standards, edit lessons, create materials for lessons, capture evaluation results and add external media URLs for support during a particular lesson.
  • Parent– Parents can tap the activities of their wards like teachers or students can. Parents view connect wards with their respective teachers apart from their academic progress and punctuality. The parents account offers features that seem to be for surveillance.

A detailed tutorial is available at Tour tab which assists on all the features of LearnBoost. Any inconvenience in the use of this free online gradebook tool can be solved through Tour. Thus, there is hardly aspect left that has not been dealt by the developers of LearnBoost. You may also check out Get Organized reviewed by us.

Overall, it can be said that LearnBoost features are well-defined to suit the 3 categories of its users. Exaggeration has been positively avoided which makes this tool efficient to work on, but not too large (full of advance features) to use. Most of such online tools are very vast (advance) and may seem repelling for many users. On the other hand, this free online gradebook application is intuitive and has a fresh-looking interface. LearnBoost is appreciable but too much praise would be overstatement (for the same reason that there are other online calendars and planners available too).

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