Get Organized: Free Academic Planner to Organize Studies

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Get Organized is a free academic course scheduler and grades organizer; ideal for high school, college and university students. The free academic planner allows users to keep track of course work, special assignments, grades and so forth in  a list format or in calendar format.

This free study planner takes the hassle out of having to use a physical planner, allowing the you to view your schedule and other information, quickly and efficiently. The simplicity of the aforementioned ‘calendar view’, allows you to keep on top of your schedule all with the click of a mouse.

Get Organized

Get Organized lets you to input all educational data. This data includes, coursework, classes, meeting/class times and days, credits, textbooks, grades, instructor/teacher information and much more. Simply click on a day or week and review your schedule for that particular day or week. It really is that simple.

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Using  the color code to highlight various ‘special’ assignments is a handy addition. This option lets you prioritize courses,  assignments, deadlines and so forth. This is to say: that you have the choice of choosing a different color for each level of importance.

Monitoring assignments is also a key feature of this free digital planner and allows you to easily and efficiently keep tabs on assignment details. These details include assignment deadlines, textbooks to use, priority and grade.

Get Organized isn’t a free application that is limited to only academia. You are also able to stay of top of your social calendar. Simply input events and other details and you won’t miss that party in the dorm.

Keeping track of your grades is an important option to have. Get Organized allows you to do just that. After you have received your grade for an assignment from your instructor or professor, simply enter that data into this free academic planner. Over the months or years, you are able to see your educational development. These grades can be kept for each semester or for the entire time you are at college or university.

A sophisticated filter system allows you to only show assignments, and so forth, for a single course, day or week. For example, you are able to set the filter to only show assignments that are overdue or assignments that have been completed but not yet submitted. Using this option would, no doubt, require you to ‘color code’ assignments.

In situations when you are unclear as to what is required for an assignment or you failed to fully understand a teacher’s lecture, the “Ask the Instructor” button enables you to send an email to him or her asking for help or clarification. This particular option is handy if you felt the instructor was obfuscating a lecture.

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Clearly this free digital planner or digital diary will keep you in-the-know with you academic studies throughout your years in high school, college or university. Get Organized, will most certainly get and keep you organized. Download Get Organized free here.

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