Interactive Periodic Table to Learn Periodic Table Easily

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The Elementals is an interactive periodic table made for both students and teachers to learn and teach basics of periodic table of elements easily. It helps to understand the very basic properties of the elements of periodic table. The Elementals give an interactive way to learn periodic tables in chemistry with the help of graphics and animation.

When I was in school, I never found Chemistry fun. Learning periodic table, along with characteristics of various elements was one of the hardest parts. Thankfully, this interactive periodic table reduces that pain in learning and understanding periodic table of elements (I really hope such an interactive and easy app was present when I was in school).

In The Elementals, elements are shown with the help of interactive graphics and animation. It easily explains unique properties of every element, like atomic number, atomic mass, number of electrons in outermost shell, and more. It is so beautifully explained that every student should go through this web app. Here “Each element has its own personality”.

the elementals-periodic table

Easy To Explain Interactive Periodic Table For Teachers:

For Chemistry teacher,s it is always difficult to explain the basic features of elements. From a simple chart paper you can also show the basic Periodic Table, the elements, etc. But showing basics of an element and explaining them on a wall is sometimes cumbersome. The Elementals makes this work easier with the help interactive periodic table. Here the students will understand the  basics of the Periodic table like the atomic number, mass number, etc. easily.

Here every element has got a personality, denoted by color. Similar elements having similar properties are given same colors. For example in this periodic table Hydrogen has unique properties in group-1 has unique color. All the 118 elements have been discussed in “The Elementals”. Now the only thing you (teachers) have to  have to explain is “Why similar properties?”.The interactive periodic table reduces your work and makes easier for students to understand all this.

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Easy To Understand Interactive Periodic Table For Students:

When I was a student, I had to learn the periodic table by referring to a paper chart, and that was too cumbersome and difficult. However, this interactive periodic table makes learning periodic table fun. When you click on any element, The Elementals shows all the properties of that particular element with interactive graphics and animation. Whether it is the atomic number, mass number number of element or electrons in outermost shell, you can easily understand everything there. And this leaves a lasting impression in your memory that makes learning periodic table easy.

the elementals for students

As I have already explained that here every element has its own properties and here different color has been used as traditional charts do, to explain the same. The Elementals also tells if the selected element is metal/ non-metal/metalloid etc. The atomic weight is also shown on the left side. From name to number of protons and its behavioral properties; everything is shown on this smart web app.

One more thing that I was always told that as atomic number increases, the size of element increases. Never understood that but in this application I saw the size of atom increasing. In the above screenshot you can see how nicely The Elementals do it all.

(Now chemistry students all you need is to listen to your teacher in the class.)

The Final Note

I don’t know if you still liked with this web app or not but I love this interactive periodic table. The Elementals is made from the point of view of both students and teachers. With a simple click on the icon on the right side it shows and hides the periodic table. Every small thing about the element is explained beautifully in this “smart app”. I am sure being a student The Elementals will help you to learn more about elements and teachers will find it easy in telling more about the elements in the periodic table with the help of graphics and animation. Now the only thing teachers will have to do is explain the  properties and features of the elements.

You can access The Elementals Chrome app from here.

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