How to Recruit from GitHub Based on Programming Skill, Location

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If you are a recruiter for programming line of work then you must have to browse GitHub to get profiles of engineers and developers. But GitHub doesn’t have such feature to list profiles from based on different parameters. Which is why here I will mention a simple online application which lets you recruit from GitHub based on programming skills, location, and contribution. You can further filter the list based on availability of their email address. However, in this tool you will not find an option to export the list.

If you want to recruit people from GitHub then GitRecruit is one the best tools to do that. In just a few clicks, you can list profiles easily and then do whatever you want. You can browse their profile and go through their repositories. The contribution graph appears there which you can analyze. However, the availability of their emails is not guaranteed here because GitHub doesn’t allow it. But you can find the email of the profile and there are other ways to get email of any GitHub user.

How to Recruit from GitHub Based on Programming Skill, Location?

On GitRecruit, you don’t need to create an account in order to use it. You just have to access the main UI of the web app here and then start filtering profiles. On the main UI, you can see some top GitHub profiles with their stats and contribution history.

GitRecruit main ui

Now, to filter profiles, you have to use options given on the right side. You can filter the list by programming languages, location, and RecruitScore. RecruitScore is calculated by the stars given to the user along with his contribution stats. You can analyze these details. Also, align with filters, you can specify the search keyword there as well to get the profile you desire.

GitRecruit in action

In this way, you can use this simple online tool to recruit people from GitHub. You can simply get the profiles based on different criteria and then later contact the engineer or developer about the job or position you want to offer. This is a simple and straightforward tool where you can easily get the list of GitHub profiles and then do whatever you want.

Closing thoughts

GitHub is probably the best place to find the best programmers across the world. This is why it is a good option to recruit people for your organization and if you are one of those recruiters and looking for tools to do this in an easy way then this post will help you. You just use the simple online tool I have mentioned and start recruiting people based on your needs.

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