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Mega Seating Plan is a free website for teachers to create seating plans for classrooms. I’m sure that teachers find it very difficult to make a seating plan for their classroom. More then difficult it must be boring to repeat the same exercise over and over again. Trying to make a seating arrangement according to how a student is performing in class keeping in mind all his class data. Seems like quite a job. But this website makes it easy for you to create these seating arrangements easily, so you can focus on other things.

For getting started with this website you need to register yourself by creating an account. You can either use a email or sign in using your Google account. Once you are done with registering you can start by first importing new class list. This can be data that is stored in your excel file or any other spreadsheet. All you need to do is copy paste the data in the box that is provided on the screen. Read the instructions on copying and pasting the spreadsheet data.

seating arrangement adding a class

Once you paste the class data click on the next button to proceed further. Now you will see your data divided into different columns. You can choose the headings of each column from a drop down menu. Again click on the next button, this will allow you to add additional data to each student name. After this just save this list by giving it a name. This can be seen in the screenshot above.

Other details like gender, current grade of the student, target grade for each student, are just some additional details which can be added to this list.

megaseating classrooms

The classrooms tab lets you add the seating layout available for your class. That means you have to choose the layout of your classroom in the form of tables and seats. On your screen you will see a sheet with small square tiles or blocks. These represent a seat in your class. Just click on the tiles and define how many rows and columns of seats do you have in your classroom. This can be seen in the screenshot above.

megaseating seating plan

Now to create a seating plan, click on the tab with the same name. This will ask you to select the class and the classroom, in case you have multiple options stored. Once you choose that click the next button. The next button will show you a seating plan based on random arrangement of students. You can also choose another arrangement to alternate between boy-girl. You can also manually move the students in the seating plan. Once you are satisfied with the seating plan, go ahead and save it. After saving the seating plan, you will get an additional option to print this seating plan out.

megaseating random name picking

Random name picker is just to randomly select a student name from a class. This can be used while you are asking questions in the class.

The user management tab allows you to change details like your password, email address, etc. You also get an option to delete the account if you need to.

You can also check out free online student management tools for teachers.

I found the website to be of great use to make seating plans for a classroom. Teachers could easily use this app and save on a lot of time which they spend making these plans manually. This precious time of the teachers can then be utilized somewhere else for more productivity.

Check out Mega Seating Plan here.

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