Age Recognition API to Guess Age from Photo

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This article talks about an age recognition API to guess age from photos. Everypixel is an Age Recognition API  that detects the age of the people from photos. As per the developer, the algorithms are trained on a database of around 300,000 images of people. The results are not always accurate but it does give you a well-estimated idea. But, it can be a good use for people who deal with stock photos.

The API lets you perform up 100 operations per day for free along with an image size limitation of 20KB to 10MB. If you want to go beyond this limit, you can get more quota by paying as you go. Apart from age recognition, this API can also be used to get Image Keywording, Stock Photo Score, and UGC Photo Score of images. With that said, let’s dive in the article to know more about this API.

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Guess Age from Photo  with Everypixel API

In order to use the Everypixel API in your project, you have to create an account first to get the API credentials. To do that, visit the website and create a free account. Then, go to your profile section to get the API credentials which includes a client ID and a client secret key. Once you have the API credentials, you can use the API to guess the age from photos.


Here is the syntax of this Age Recognition API

curl --user "<your-client-id>:<your-client-secret>" "<image url>"

This command reverts back with the estimated age of the people in the photo along with an age tag. If you use some other programming language under different environment, you can find the relevant API syntax from the API documentation section.


Apart from the API, there is a live demo of this on the website. If you have to perform age recognition rarely, you can use the demo version instead which is comparatively simple and easy to use. It works the same as the API, you can add the image to recognize the age of the people in the photo.

Along with the age recognition, this API has following functionalities as well:

  • Image Keywording
  • Stock Photo Scoring
  • UGC Photo Scoring

You can use these functionalities in the online demo or by replacing the ‘face‘ word in the API syntax with

  • keyword (for Image keywording)
  • quality (for Stock Photo Scoring)
  • quality_ugc (for UGC Photo Scoring)

You can try the image recognition online demo here.

Wrap Up

Everypixel is a useful API to detect people age from the photos. Age recognition from photos has various applications in different sectors where this API can come handy. Give it a try yourself and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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