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In this article, you will get a list of 10 search engine for quotes. There are times when you want some inspiration and motivation and for that, you search for quotations. The quotations boost up your mind and help you to become determined. Visiting multiple websites to get a collection of good quotes can take time. So here, I have compiled a list for that.

You can easily find quotes that belong to several categories. There are categories such as God, Love, Success, Friendship, creativity, dedication, humor, respect, strength and many more.

The search engines let you find quotes by Authors, Topics, Keywords, etc. All you need to enter keywords in the text field. Then, the search engine shows a large number of quotes. You can mark them as favorites to read later.

Let’s use search engines for quotes and find good quotes.

1. Quotes4all.net

Search engine for quotes

Quotes4all.net is a free search engine for quotes. The search engine lets you browse the quotes of famous authors such as Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, etc. You can find quotes by main categories such as New quotes, Best quotes, Random quotes, etc.

There are other words that display on the homepage. You can directly click on them to find quotes related to the specific word. You can search for quotes alphabetically where it provides you random words. Then, you can click on the word to find quotes.

You can type custom words in the search bar. The search engine fetches around 50 quotes for the specific word. Once you find a list of quotes, you can check the source and other information on Wikipedia. You can bookmark the quotes as well.

2. Thinkexist.com

Search engine for quotes

Thinkexist.com is another search engine for quotes. Here, you can find quotes by categories such as Quotations, Authors, Topics, Keywords, Contributors, etc.

You can type custom letters in the search bar. Then, you will the list of quotes by famous authors. If you click on Quotation in the menu. Then, it shows all the famous quotes. There are famous authors such as William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Buddha, Albert Einstein, Oscar Wilde, etc.

You can search quotes by topic, e.g., God, Love, Success, Friendship. The keyword directory can also help you to find the best quotations. You can create bookmarks and take prints as well.


Search engine for quotes

Another search engine named Quotes can be a good option to find quotations. Here, you can find quotes by popular authors such as Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Golda Meir, etc.

You can search for quotes alphabetically. Also, the site lets you read recently added quotes. If you enter random words in the search, it shows a list of quotes which you can read. When the list appears, you can click on any Author to find only his quotes separately.

4. Values of the Wise

Search engine for quotes

Value of the Wise is a free search engine for quotes. Here, you can search quotes by keywords. There are categories like creativity, dedication, humor, respect, strength, etc.

You can find quotes by authors. There is a long list of authors that includes A.C Thompson, Alexander Pope, Alice Walker, Alfred Tennyson, and many more. The site lets you search for quotes by gender as well. If you wish, you can ethnicity, i.e., North American, African, Asian, etc.

5. Famous Quotes and Authors

Search engine for quotes

As its name implies (Famous Quotes and Authors), the site is dedicated to shows all the famous quotes and authors. Here, you can find different types of quotes.

You can choose categories like Authors, Topics like Bible, Friend, Life, Friendship, etc. The menu section has multiple categories from where you can search for quotes by its popularity. You can mark any quote as favorite. Then, you can read all your favorite quotes in My favorite quotes section.

6. iQuote

Search engine for quotes

iQuote is one of the good search engines for quotes. You can simply enter keywords in the search bar. Then, it displays quotations in variety.

The search engine fetches the quotation in a good range. Besides that, you can search for quotes by categories such as ability, courage, enthusiasm, leadership, etc.

There are popular authors like William Butler Yeats, George Eliot, Samuel Johnson, William Shakespeare, and many more. Also, you can mark quotes as favorites.

7. The Quotations Page

Search engine for quotes

The Quotations Page is also a search engine for quotes. With this website, you can quickly find quotes. All you need to add custom words in the text field. Then, you can customize the list of quotes to narrow down the results.

You can find quotes by categories like Motivational, Author, Random quotes, Subject Index, Random quotes, etc. The site shows numerous quotes on multiple pages. You can find further information about a specific quote. Also, you can add quotes to your quotations page.

8. AZ Quotes

Search engine for quotes

AZ Quotes is a free website which you can use as a search engine for quotes. This search engine has multiple sections such as Authors, Quote of the day, Topics, Picture quotes, and Top quotes.

This is a perfect search engine to find quotes in a good range. If you enter keywords to find quotes, it shows thousands of quotes that contain the specified keywords. You can find quotes till last 10th page. You can mark quotes as favorites. Also, the site lets you copy the quotes in one click and share on social media.

9. Goodreads

Search engine for quotes

Goodreads is one of the famous websites where you can find good quotes. Besides quotes, you can find books as well. Here, you can drop the keywords to find quotes.

The site lets you explore several categories such as love, wisdom, Inspirational, philosophy, God, hope and many others. You can find all the popular or recently added quotes. Also, you can write own quotes but for that, you need to sign up.

10. Brainy Quote

Search engine for quotes

Brainy Quote is a free search engine for quotes. This is one of the good websites to find amazing quotations in one place. The homepage lets you find popular topics, Authors, etc. You can type keywords as well. Then, the search engine provides you quotes in bulk.

You can sign up if you want to save the collection of quotes. Moreover, you can mark quotes as favorites.

In brief

The search engine for quotes is a quite easy way to find a collection of quotes in one place. There are multiple categories. You can find quotes that suit your mood. Then, you can share or get inspired in your life. Also, you can save the quotations to read them later.

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